New to this site

New to this site

I wasn't aware APS could be hereditary, I was diagnosed in October after many tests after having a stroke in July 2015 which I find can happen when not picked up much earlier. I'm taking warfarin, and seem to have got the dosage right at long last. I'm so pleased to have found this site as its not been easy looking/asking for information on APS

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  • What a nice picture of a beautiful lady!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Very kind of you I love to run, not fast but I get to the finish, after my stroke I never thought I would be able to again.

  • Very kind of you, I love to run even if it isn't fast 😊

  • Hi there and welcome, where are you located? The disease does seem to run in a pattern in some families but often other autoimmune diseases are there among relatives also. MaryF

  • Im in the UK it's interesting about hereditary as none if the professionals have mentioned this and I have children

  • It so far is not classed as hereditary, however there is a clear pattern in my family, including my children. MaryF

  • Clear pattern on mine too Mary x

  • Clear pattern of autoimmune diseases in mine too. Mother and aunt RA, sister MS, me APS diagnosed for 5 years and recently Lupus with it attacking my lungs. I told my children and nieces and nephews -- try and cut out processed foods!!

  • Hi Dot69 I too was diagnosed with aps after a stroke in 2012 I also have developed o Sjogrens syndrome Symptoms of which are similar to Hughes (aps) are you in the uk ? I am also taking Warfarin and Hydroxychloroquine you are right there's not a great deal of info at all but its good we have this forum as people here are very helpful

  • I'm in the UK in Yorkshire, this forum is quite reassuring in some aspects and makes APS quite "the norm" for us who have to deal with this syndrome

  • Gosh your doing well running , o can just about walk , welcome to our supportive little family x

  • I forgot to say "Welcome" to our site. Hope you will stay here as we learn so much from eachother.


  • hi welcome on here , you get some very good advice from the people on here , every ones very friendly and helpful , and we all have hughes syndrome and the other auto immune syndromes , and I m also from west yorkshire

  • Love your photo! And I agree with the other posts, you are beautiful!

    My hematologist told me it can be acquired through a mutation, or it can be hereditary. I don't know which I am but sometimes have a laugh over being a mutant :-)

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