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Possible Gall stone / Gall bladder

Hi all I have had number of pains last week coming from upper stomach area around to right hand side and around in to my back , A&E dr told me it was possible gall bladder/ gall stones , drs requested ultra sound , if I did have to have some kind of op wondering whether it's a fairly safe procedure, anybody else had the same ? or what else could it possibly be if not that ? It lasted about 5 hrs , now today I have a tender upper stomach right I middle , I suffer from aps like most of you on the forum do , would appreciate any help on this matter cheers Mark from Ilfracombe Devon

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HI, if you end up having to have any procedure, they will assess your medication and act accordingly. If on Warfarin bridging is normally required, but lots of people on this forum have had procedures safely, using this. Also be aware that sometimes people with a Thyroid problem go on and develop gall bladder problems, especially if that has not been picked up. So if they have not checked that, get them to run tests for that also:



Hi, I had upper middle pain right across to the gall bladder and liver. For 2 years had many tests & as per normal with aps all tests came back negative - no stones just a mis-shaped gall bladder.

In the end, to eliminate probable cause had the gall bladder out.

Instant relief, best decision ever!! No prob with bloods, had good management before, during & after.

Hope you sort your cause of pain out soon.

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