Been on Gluten Free diet!

I just want to say thank you to all of you with the wonderful info on being Gluten Free!!! I've been doing the GF DIET for a couple of weeks now and find a big difference! I always needed meds to help me go to the bathroom! Now I get up every morning and am able to go to the bathroom! No more constipation! I don't know what Dr. ERKAN tested me for, so don't know if he tested me for Celiac Disease! I must call and request a copy of my bloodwork! He's asked me for a copy of my sisters bloodwork since she's tested positive for APS! I don't see my sis too often, but we speak everyday, which is very comforting! I'll see her on Easter Holiday and I'll get the results and send them to him! I've finally convinced my sis to see my Hemotologist! Wen I told him she was positive, he said he'd be willing to c her and she needs to see a doctor due to being DX'd with APS whether she's had blood clots or not! My sis also started Celiac diet too! Your advice on that has been extremely helpful! Also greatly appreciated! I send hugs and prayers to all of you on this forum! My sis has joined Thyroid UK also! If I don't post in a while it's because I'm feeling a bit down! I lost my leg a bit over a year ago and for some reason I never cried wen it happened, but now I am and I miss my leg and what I was able to do b4 loosing my leg! Do you think it's a DELAYED reaction??? I just don't know why NOW??? GODSPEED!!!

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  • Well done with gluten free, it is a good idea once in a while 'to let it all out'. Don't rule out talking to a friendly trained ear! Best wishes. MaryF

  • As I said in another post recently it's important to go through the grieving process which is for all kinds of loss. People assume you only grieve after the passing of someone dear to you but that's simply not true. You can grieve for a physical issue as well as a loss of a way of life caused by numerous reasons as an example. I hope you have someone to help you through this difficult time.

  • Thanku Not so Fab! You hit the nail right on the head! I never really cried wen I lost my leg! I was so overwhelmed trying to stay alive that the loss of my leg became secondary! Because they gave me that clot buster in the ER and said it cud go either way! I'm here, but I'm hating my stump! I hate taking off my prosthetic leg! I wear Pajamas o hid it so I font have to look at it! I think I'm having a delayed reaction! The mornings are bad! I get up in a bit of a panic! But I have to get up and get dressed and leave the house! I feel if I don't the walls will close in on me! It's a scarey feeling but I do go out for a couple of hours and wen I come bak I'm ok! I think I must talk to someone! Any suggestions? Thx how have you been doing! I hope and pray well! Godspeed

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