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Tia unconfirmed really confused

Hi 2 weeks ago I had my 4th dvt and then on Friday I appeared to suffer with a TIA. I spent all day in accident and emergency. My blood pressure was high on every reading however the doctors said that could be white coat syndrome, although I have never had high blood pressure before and have been in stressful situations in hospital. Eg epropic pregnancy 4 miscarriages and 2 beautiful children and the other blood problems. My CT scan and cateriod scan were all clear. Given my history fa cot v homozygous protein s difference anticardolpin antibodies and Hughes although my level for Hughes on my last test was low. I was taking 0.85 enxoparin for my dvt at the time no other drugs. The hospital sent me home with little information just aa handle full of drugs and an appointment at the stroke clinic on Tuesday. I feel very confused and uninformed about what has happened to me. To add to it the doctor told me I had a heart mumur and said not to worry. Any thoughts and reassurances or similar stories??? Steph

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When were you diagnosed with APS (Hughes Syndrome)?

What you talk of here I recognize. Sudden exstremely high bloodpressure (always earlier low to normal bp), heartmurmur. Scans clear always.

I do not know if you have an APS-Specialist. If you have ask him to write a referal to an Echocardiograpy with doppler.

I am on warfarin and feel fine. I have Pulmonary Hypertension and two leaking heartvalves. I live in Stockholm and have a Specialist for my APS.

Please let us hear how it goes for you. Stay on this site also.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Hi I was diagnosed with aps in 1999 after my first dvt amd also as I had recurrent miscarriage. I had a ecg and also a carotid dipper in my neck all appeared cleat. I am seeing my haemotologisit late March. Thank you for your kind reply and I wish you all the best


Hope your Hematologist understands what APS is about.

I take an Ecocardiography with doppler every year as my pulmonary hypertension is too high.



Hi, when not in hospital are you under a Hughes Syndrome/APS specialist? I enclose the list here, you need to be under one, as it will no only help you but also your GP. I hope they get to the bottom of things. In case it is relevant I enclose this page:



Please be aware that not all TIA's will show up on a CT and not all Strokes will show up on a CT straight after a stroke. Sometimes the CT needs to be repeated 24/36 hours after the incident for it to show on the scan,

If you are still concerned when you go to the Hospital on Tuesday ask for another CT scan.


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