Trouble Swallowing

Just want to know if trouble swallowing has to do with Sojerns! I saw a post about trouble swallowing! I had this after car accident and went to ENT and she saw no reason y I shud have trouble swallowing but suggested I go to Neurologist and we all know how they r! Had no idea why I had trouble swallowing! Now it's happening again and been told it cud be stomach related??? Does anyone with APS have trouble with swallowing or does it go with Sojerns! Havnt gone to tummy doc yet cuz I'm too overwhelmed with everything else! I know myself, soon I'll just stop all testing and be left alone! I've done that all my life before being DX'd with APS! At last I got a diagnose after being shunned by medical community!!!

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  • Hi Sjogrens can certainly cause trouble with swallowing, and so can an undiagnosed thyroid problem, that needs to be checked also. MaryF

  • Thx Mary I'll call my eye doctor f tomorrow for appt! I just ate mashed spuds for dinner! Much easier to swallow! Thx for ur fast reply as usual you're one of the most AMAZING PEOPLE I KNOW! I just can't believe how all you admins and Kerstin have the time and energy to do this! It's a big job and so greatly appreciated, I can't even put it into words!!! GODSPEED HOPE YOUVAND YOUR CHILDREN ARE DOING WELL!

  • have you been checked for throat strictures? This is a real condition and can happen at any time to anyone. Make sure to have a swallow study done (prior to seeing the gastroenterologist if possible).

  • After my car accident this happened and thought it was wen airbag opened it did my throat in, but went to ENT AND nothing there! I do have APS and will get an appt with eye doctor as soon as I can afford to go! I have a big co-pay and deductable! So I my its wait a few more weeks to build up my deductable!!! I live in the USof A where Obama messed me up badly! Thanks for ur feedback everything helps!

  • My mother had trouble swallowing. She suffered from a hietial hernia, which, yes became more intense due to a traffic accident and due to carrying and delivering me – the 12 pound baby. Sometimes hernias can be treated, sometimes not.

    A couple of tips my mother found helped: avoid "gritty" foods – such as rice, polenta, grits. Second, drink water instead of colas, and if you are seized by spasm in the middle of a meal, take a mouth full of lukewarm water and try to make 10 tiny swallows all in a row. Moms gastroenterologist told her that this swallowing exercise could help reboot the nerve sequence for swallowing which sometimes goes awry and hietial hernia patients .

  • Wow thx I'll try that!

  • Yes I have trouble swallowing at time but Iv got a bad tummy as well just appointment to go see a doctor at the hospital possible going to have camera down not looking forward to it let you know wot they say x

  • Thx so much! Good luck! In USA they put u to sleep! Will they do that with u my dear?

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