I was diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome about 18 months ago following tests after a TIA. I am now struggling with other illnesses which I have never had before! I have had Pleurisy, then eye problems, then infections and have now got another lung infection. I have always been well before, could any of this be due to having Hughes Syndrome? I don't really have anyone I can ask.

Thanks for any replies in advance :)

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  • Hello and welcome.

    We are not medical professionals on here, so we cannot give you an opinion on the matters that you ask for advice on.

    A couple of questions that may help us to help you:

    1. Where are you from?

    2. You say that you have no one to ask but who is managing your APS?


  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am from Bury, near Manchester and I have been discharged from the specialist. I just have to go and get my INR checked regularly.

    Should I still be seeing a specialist?


  • Hi Michelle

    Many of us have have regular checks with an APS consultant or registrar, to ensure that medication is correct and appropriate to our current condition.

    I see that my colleague, Mary, has given you the link to the charity's list of APS specialists.

    Keep in touch with us all.


  • Thanks for the help and advice Dave, I am finding the site very useful and will be a regular visitor from now on.

  • That's good.

    Nice heritage railway station you have in Bury, with a great pub attached too. :)


  • Hi and hello, firstly where are you located, this is important as we do have a list of recommended specialists in the UK, and if not in the UK, I/we will still try to endeavour to help. If you have trouble with your current medical provider I will endeavour to try and help you through and out the other side. MaryF

  • Thanks MaryF,

    I am from Bury, Lancashire which is 11 miles out of Manchester.


  • Its always easy after getting a big diagnosis like Hughes Syndrome to just assume that everything that you get from then on is associated with that. The reality is usually that when you have a bit of a wobble like a TIA or Stroke it weakens you a bit and it can make you a bit more susceptible. Things will settle down once you get stronger and you get over these infections in your lungs. There is no reason why once you get your medication stable for your APS that you should not go back to being as you were before.

  • Thanks for your reply, it's good to hear that things should get back to normal from someone on here.

    I know exactly what you mean about putting everything down to Hughes Syndrome and do try not to even consider it most of the time. I think, probably like everyone else I'm not used to actually ever having to take time out to get better from anything! I think that comes with being a parent :)

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