Problem with hospital I am admitted to does not hold Zantiva (plaquenil) hydroxychloroquine

I was admitted to hospital out of home area and now the hospital refuses to give me the above named hydroxychloroquine

and refuses to give me from a Nursing home medic tray wich is aprooved for Nurses to give the correct nedication. How can I deal with this as my GP surgery is closed until 10 am monday. . Would prefer not to take the wrong one and wait until some chemist can get me the coreect one by which time my hands will be inflame and my clotting factor changed. Any ideas? Pam

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  • Hi I notice you have just recently. I know this is difficult, but Plaquenil is slow acting you build up on it or down if you are coming off it, You need to sit tight until Monday, and discuss it with your main medical GP or Consultant. Your anticoagulation medication is of course not the same as your Plaquenil. Please also confirm that you have a diagnosis of Hughes Syndrome, and where you are located. MaryF

  • Yes - Mary is totally right (as usual :) ) I was told by the rheumatology nurses that it actually doesn't hurt to miss a day (or even a few days apparently) of taking the HCQ as it doesn't suddenly leave your body. If it's only a case of waiting until Monday morning, I would be inclined not to take a replacement product that you're not used to if I were you, especially if it's Quinoric which is well known for upsetting people's tummies!

  • hi i take it for 5 days and not for 2 days....have done for 7 years! it is perfectly safe to do so.

  • Hi Mary I normally live in Hull but am on Holiday in porstmouth. They finally agreed to allow me my own but need a precription, prescribed and delivere here. Not expecting much over a busy Xmas period. But now when they don't have another medication they are asking to use mine, what a farce! I ws trying to find your original post about the make and name of Plaquenil so that I could find . Local pharmacy to replace it. Can you help. It had the name and code on it. Thanks Pam

  • Here you are: If your pharmacist has any difficulty obtaining the Hydroxycloroquine with the same formula from Zentiva, the product description is: “HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE SULPHATE (ZENTIVA) 200MG FILM COATED” and the ‘PIP number’ (Product Code) is 1201730. If for any reason they cannot find the product on their system they can ring the customer service line on 01483 505515.


  • Why this plaquenil Mary the makers of my tablets are Sanofi ??

  • It is the drug of choice for St Thomas' Hospital as some of the other brands have different fillers, MaryF

  • I also find that if I take a different brand the pain in my joints start again x when I asked St Thomas they told me that I needed to have this specific one

  • Yes Mary we met at London. I am under Prf Hunt/Kathleen Breen and am APS confirmed. I di try another form of Hydroxychloroquine but my hands hurt so badly which was why I was put on it to start with, that I don't want to go through same pain again when this works. I have been admitted with febrile sepsis so am all topsy turvy anyway.

  • See above I have posted what you need, best of luck. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary they are asking a pharmacist to visit so thanks for info. Have been member since I ws diagnosed 3 years ago, though could be longer. You may remember me from a meeting at St Thomas, I am a wheelchair user with a small chocolate labrador assistance dog that Prf Hughes took a great liking to at a May meeting a couple of years ago.

    But we first met in the waiting room while I had an appointment in the thromboembolism the botic clinic before 2012 when you encouraged me to join the group. I am not a regular visitor to the site but as I couldn't get in with my usual login so had to use facebook, so looks as if I have recently joined. Thank you for your advice and help. It is a good site to belong to. Thank you and all who contribute. Having experienced problems of arthropathy before plaquenil and then being prescribed with alternative name by GP the pain started again Prof Hunt wrote to GP to specifically prescribe the right drug and my own pharmacy have a shelf with my name on for my specific drug. So at home not a problem but away is so difficult to deal with. so looking forward to getting home and getting nomad sorted as it's easier to get medicines out with fingers that don't work properly. X

  • Hello, yes I do remember you well, thanks for the reminder, we all have such different names on here, I hope you fancy coming along to the next Patient's Day, 18th May at St Thomas' Hospital?

    You are totally right to push for the correct medication, I had letters written for my daughter by St T's when my local huffy pharmacist got cross along with the team at me not accepting the wrong type for my daughter!!! One letter and it was back on track again,

    Best wishes to you for the New Year.

  • Thank you Mary your support and advice is so welcome. I didn't make the last 2 years the first due to being on Holiday, then Las year went through awful year of depression after breaking bones in back just from sitting up so have bee totally unable to drive and now have a wheelchair that may not fit on a train. This Christmas come down to visit the family and got sepsis. Not doing too well eh! But now on the mend and hope to be back in Hull for the weekend

  • I hope you feel better soon. MaryF

  • This I now sorted as the hospital pharmacy is sourcing the correct plaquenil for me. Thanks everyone for your help Pam

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