Low dose naltrexone, has anyone heard or used this FDA approved drug?

This drug is supposed to be a great drug for autoimmune diseases even some cancers and hiv but so far I've asked 2 doctors about it and they haven't heard anything about it. I've read on it and would love to try it, hopefully the rheumatologist I see in January will know something. If anyone has any more info or tried it I would love to hear from you.



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  • Hi, Yes I am on it, successfully for a number of years now. You will need to find a doctor who understands this drug, otherwise they can only relate to it in its high dose, The LDN Research Trust is a good starting point. MaryF

  • Oh thank you Mary, with having crohns disease and some lupus symptoms I think it would help. Do you feel better since taking it?


  • It would help, presumably with those you are already gluten free? MaryF

  • Yes, I'm gluten free

  • Do check it out, but do make sure that you main consultant is tied in with anything new you are doing, good luck. MaryF

  • Yeah, they haven't heard of it and being on warfarin, I don't about drug interactions.

  • The LDN Research Trust carries information for doctors and can advise on that. MaryF

  • Never heard of it but interested. Keep us posted thanks

  • Here's Dr Chris Steele talking about it on Youtube (below). If the link doesn't work just google it and it will come up top of the list. It isn't usually prescribed - as you say Drs don't know about it and it's unlicenced/ offlist. When you hear what Dr Steele says it's absolutely shocking that this is not widely available: it works and it's safe. Unlike most drugs.

  • Its not researched, licensed or available on the NHS because BIG PHARMA cant make any money with it! Simple as that - it would stop them making money on some of their own drugs!

  • I've been through so much these last 3 years because of medications, if only I had known about this drug with way less side effects, i wouldn't probably have all these health problems flaring up!! Do you take this drug?

    Thanks Amy

  • Thanks for the information, do you take this medicine?


  • Not me, no way to get hold of it.

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