First Appointment with haematologist tomorrow.. what can I expect?

Hi guys,

Tomorrow I have my first ever haematologist appointment tomorrow that I have been waiting for for ages. This will be the first step since finding out under my gynecologist that I'm lupus anticoagulant positive.

What can I expect from this appointment? Is there anything I should prepare for?

Thanks in advance xx

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  • I would think all haematologists are different tbh. I've only ever had one appointment with one which was when he gave me my diagnosis, never seen him before or since. He went into a long explanation that I had Lupus anticoagulant and that I shouldn't confuse it with Lupus as they are entirely different. Told me I'd be on Warfarin for life and explained about Inr and testing. Asked if I thought I could cope with the testing. Didn't explain a damn thing about Lupus Anticoagulant except it was responsible for my two strokes, and never gave me any idea what to expect. Not very helpful tbh as I couldn't find any info on Lupus Anticoagulant other than references to blood tests. Then I found this site, did a lot of reading and the penny dropped.

  • I hope he is a Specialist of APS first of all. Then he knows what to look for re symptoms. You are already diagnosed. You like I am positive Lupus Anticoagulant. You are already on anticoagulation I guess. This is the main thing with this illness that we are properly and stable anticoagulated to feel ok again. A Hematologist is the right person to ask about this as he/she is a Specialist of blood and this is also a blood-disorder.

    Write down your questions and ask for copies of bloodresults if there is any or take your own copies with you to show him.

    Good Luck from Kerstin in Stockholm

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