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Tested negative then positive within a week


I'm new here but been lurking since May.

My name is Gemma I have had 3 successful full term pregnancies thn lost my daughter at 21 weeks in May.

4 days after I had her I travelled to london to the doctors laboratory and I was tested for aps which everything came back negative. Then a week later I saw an obstertian privately and was tested for the full thromophillia screen and aps again which came back positive for lupus anti coagulant.

Which one to believe? I personally believe I have aps.

My placenta report didnt show any infarcts but did show pervillous fibrin deposition, villous calcification and synctial knots. These can been seen in aps/ lupus/ preeclampsia placentas and can be down to the coagulation system or immune.

I'm seeing dr d'cruz next week at london bridge and I'm hoping he can give me more information

I'm also about 6.5 weeks pregnant again.

I have suffered from chronic dizziness for years and that's has disapeared since I have been on heparin so I'm hoping dr d cruz will diagnose me with aps

Many thanks gemma

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Hi there, you are on the way to seeing the right person, yes you have a positive test result, not all doctors are fully up to date with their information. Write out a brief history in bullet points plus symptoms, so you do not forget anything on the day, let us know how it all goes. Best of luck. MaryF


Best of luck and lots of baby glue xx


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