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What does the 'A' mean?

Hi there :)

Not asking for you to interpret my results, but can anyone tell me what the 'A' means? It is only on the first results I got, twice.

I've tried google but I must be searching the wrong things because I haven't a clue!

Thank you!

1st lot: Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Pos 1:160 A, ANA Pattern: Speckled

2nd lot: Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) Pos 1:320, ANA Pattern: Speckled

1st lot: PTT 33.2 sec (23-31) A, APTT borderline

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I can only guess that they list the possible result types in alphabetical order, but not having access to how they run that lab, can't help you further, I show a speckled pattern which indicated mixed connective tissue disease. I believe the A to to mean the order of listing for that lab. MaryF

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Thanks Mary :)

I don't think it is the order listing, as the first lot were in 2013 and the second lot in 2015 - so they are of no relation to each other and were possibly even done in different labs as I've moved city in that time.

Just really stumped me!!

Do you do any thing other than take aspirin for it?


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