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Hi Everyone, finally had my third acupuncture session on Thursday. So far not really helped which is so disappointing as the first two gave me significant pain relief.

My fourth is in 10 days time, Ill see how that goes.

In the meantime will have to get intouch with my doctors as I have significant pain in chest and in what seems to be my left kidney also getting leg cramps that actually makes my leg give away. Not sure if its the APS or Lupus. Best get it checked I think.

Hope all of you are okay and wish you all the best.

Regards Diane

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Hi there, with symptoms like that you need to get in touch very quickly with your doctor plus your consultant, (presuming they understand fully about Hughes Syndrome/APS nd Lupus), please do not be fobbed off. MaryF


Hi Diane

I agree with Mary.



Thank you to you both. I have phoned the docgtors surgery this morning to discuss this with them. I will ask to be referred to the consultant. To be honest I should have done it 4 months ago and keep putting it off. We all know what we should do but hope that it goes away. We also all know it wont.

Will let you know how I get on.

Regards Diane


It is possible to have acupunture while taking coumadine?


FOR SURE do not bleed so it's fine...unfortunately it didn't help me, but it does help many apparently


Hi Daavid1970 yes you can have acupuncture with coumadine as long as your acupuncturist is willing to give it to you with doctors approval especially if your INRs are over 2.0. My acupuncturist and my doctors had a very long discussion apparently to decide.



I'm glad to hear you contacted your doctors. I was diagnosed with APS in 2006. Subsequently, I've been diagnosed with Stage 1 Chronic Kidney Disease and test positive for microscopic blood in my urine. A few years ago I was diagnosed with more severe kidney issues. Plus, I suffer from intense leg cramps on almost a daily basis.

Glad you're able to do acupuncture. I used tobut my doctors told me not to. I think it's due to possible infection from the needles and the fact I have a mechanical heart valve.

Hope you're able to get some answers soon,



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