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Question about PE's

I have never had a PE, although I have had a heart attack and 2 strokes. I have aps along with lupus sle, lac, anticardiolipin antibodies, protein s&c deficiencies and fibro. Recently I was having some chest pains so my doc admitted me and ran tests. The heart was good, but they found old embolisums(sp). I told them that I have never had a P.e. How did these old embolisums get there?

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Hi Renae, I wonder could they break off from old cots elsewhere perhaps?

Hope you feel better soon




They said the chest pain was not from the old clots, and they weren't concerned about them so I don't know.


Hi there, I do wonder, if some of us hurt so much physically at times, that we can miss something. Once years back, I coughed up blood for a couple of days, but was told I was fine, (having recently had a baby, and been taken off fragmin), I was very young, and had been given no diagnosis or explanation, it never happened again. I wonder if people have really small ones and due to physical body pain, are unaware, just a thought. One surprised out of hours GP was quite surprised at my level of functioning with nasty kidney infection, and how it had not been picked up - my response, that I frequently feel constantly crappy and sore that it had not been either obvious or myself or usual GP. Sometimes I think they just do not know... or remain cautious themselves if they have missed something. Hope you feel much better soon. Mary F x


I agree Mary, seems most of my lung damage is probably due to small and other clots I have been throwing through most of my life that has been mistaken by me or docs as asthma or chest infection. Or that is what my lung doc has said is possible.

Warm wishes to all

Lesley. :)


Hi Renae Hope you are feeling better I just wanted to mention that there are other causes of cgest pain associated with Hughes I have coronary syndrome x which causes a type of angina pain where hear results are n

ormal but pain caused by problems in very smaLl arteries in the heart

All the best Ann


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