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New medical paper/Hughes Syndrome and Thyroid connection

Borrowed from HSF charity FB site, as many of you will notice, both Lynn and I often suggest to patients that they really check out their Thyroid, as the TSH test is known to be unreliable and being diagnosed with say 'Fibro' if instead you have Sjogrens and a Thyroid problem, if not treated can lead to difficult medical problems. I myself was fobbed off for a long time eventually I did pass a TSH test after 16 years! However I had already gone elsewhere privately due to how unwell I felt!

via HSF: A study in Malaysia has found a clear link between autoimmune thyroid disease and APS. The researchers conclude that patients with APS should be regularly screened for thyroid disease.


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Hi Mary

Among all my medical conditions, APS, Factor V Leiden, and others, I have nodules on my thyroid which are being monitored for the past 7 or 8 years. I already have had 2 FNA biopsies of my nodules in the hospital, so far benign, and am under the care of an endocrinologist all this time. Once a year she has me do an ultrasound of the thyroid, is very conservative, I see her again this August for another ultrasound. My TSH is always normal, so this doesn't affect the way my thyroid "works". It was notr mentioned to me that this has anything to do with the APS or Factor V. Does it? Actually, I was diagnosed with them way after I was under her care with the nodules. I also have a tumor in one of my parathyroids--this being diagnosed because of a high PTH, high calcium, and low Vitamin D. She just watches it through my blood work because she said the tumor does not detect with the ultrasound.


All I can say is that Professor Hughes himself often talks and writes about the trio of disease which is Hughes Syndrome/APS, Sjogrens and Thyroid Disease. I will also say that there is concern over the TSH test and how reliable and accurate it is! MaryF


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