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Having chest pain

Hi there, have not been on for a while but I read Health Unlocked all the time. Diagnosed with APS in 2007 and on warfarin. Had a stroke in 2006 but have felt better since being on warfarin. Over the last few months have had chest pains in centre of chest and also pains down my left arm. However, I have had arm pains since diagnosis, they come and go. Recently been diagnosed with diabetes and gall stones! Just what we all need. Have been to GP and seen Cardiologist and now waiting for a test. Forgot to ask which test they want to do, I do know it is not an Angiogram and the consultant said he would be reluctant to do one. Any idea what sort of test? I know it involves an injection in my arm? My GP says that I should have the test as it will help in diagnosis. Anybody been through the same? Help please. xx

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It could be a Myoview, where you have a radioactive injection, at rest, and the a scan, one week, and the second week they put you on a treadmill and get your heart rate up and then inject the radioactive dye followed by a second scan. This test shows up how well the dye has got into the heart muscle and any areas where it hasn't indicates possible blood flow restrictions.



Thank you Dave, I worked for the NHS for 30 years but things have moved on so quickly that they have left me behind. That and the fact that brain fog cuts me off at times. Many thanks. Love Mary x


I will just add 'good luck' as you have had Dave on your case with a detailed answer! Best wishes. MaryF


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