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DVT Recovery time

Morning ladies & gents....

can anybody tell me how long it takes for a leg to return to full normal function after multiple DVT'S. .??

I dont expect all my APS symptoms to disappear just yet- but right leg seems to be a hinderence still 5-7 mths after DVT

First in Nov ran from right knee to groin / second in Jan 15 was bang in centre of right calf

I had 2 months on warfarin /3 on fragmin / and now two on rivaroxaban

I still cant walk any great distance without extreme fatigue and throbbing pain at back of right knee

I also get a 'tight burn' pain in my inner thigh if I stand for too long

I take tramadol & paracetamol to manage day pain so I can try to increase activity - and when I do (like 2 hours gentle gardening) - I have my hot bath and need to take oramorph to calm the pain and help me sleep at bedtime - with awful jumpy twitches and tight calf pressure running right down into the heel of my foot????

I don't drive - so atm have lost massive amount of independence as need somebody with me when I go out / to help balance and rest / and even push me in wheelchair if I am out for a duration (food shop eg)

Will my leg ever be totally normal again?

Also...final thing - cold weather causes really horrible ache


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I have no real experience with this Im afraid. I have heard of people on here who talk about residue pain in their legs after multiple DVT's. Are you sure the clot/s have all dissipated? Are you under a APS specialist? These are questions you must put to them Im afraid.


Thank you Apsnotfab

I will see my consultant on Wednesday - yes I am being managed very well.

I think I am just impatient as I miss my independence and I was such a big walker.

appreciate all your time & advice



Hi Angie - sorry to hear of the troubles you have had and that you are still suffering the effects. I can only tell you how things have been for me but in doing so I hope that it gives you a bit of hope too! I had DVT in right leg in August last year. It felt swollen under my knee and in my thigh and hurt when it was pressed. Whenever I sat down, it was immensely uncomfortable and even wearing skinny jeans or leggings made it feel very strange. 10 months on, and things are improving. I was lucky that it didn't hurt to walk, so I made sure that after a few weeks, I went out walking every day with my husband (who is a professional dog walker!) and I am confident that this is what has helped me more than anything else. For 7/8 months, there was very slow and gradual improvement but in the last 6-8 weeks, I have noticed a significant improvement. It almost feels normal although not quite, and if you press it where I had the DVT, it is still painful. It can take up to two years to recover from a DVT and even then, sadly many people will still have effects (post thrombotic syndrome). I am really hoping that I will manage to escape this!!! My dad had a DVT many years ago, and was given something to dissolve the clot - he didn't experience any pain or after effects, so I guess we are all different.

I am also on rivaroxaban and have been for 2 months. Oh and the cold thing - yes! It was much more sensitive in the cold weather. I was told that as long as you keep noticing improvements, even if these are slow and gradual, then you will likely continue to notice improvements for anything up to 2 years. I hope this is the case for you too. X

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Thank you for reply Merrowhawk,

I am too an avid walker and have never driven or owned a car.

I started to walk daily in Jan and got upto 2 miles and then had excruciating pain - and was told I had overdone it. We have to wait for body to naturally bypass the blocked vein and this can slow down circulation and cause problems during exertion if you rush things. So now my walks are slow & steady and usually with help as I am weak and get loss of balance on the right - yesterday my foot went dead and didn't participate and I nearly went headlong.....which frightens me as i don't bounce too well at 52

As for touch - I agree sight is still tender to touch, like an angry bruise - so massage out of the question.

Will plod on - and thanks again for your indications.... I thought I was going mad to see such slow improvement - so willebe more patient



I've had two DVT's. First in 2012 in left leg. Had a pronounced limp for approximately 8 weeks and had residual pain for several months afterwards. Was treated with Warfarin and on it for 5 months. Also issued with a compression stocking as I had a lot of swelling In the leg. I was not diagnosed with APS until Jan 15. Diagnosed with second DVT approximately three weeks ago in right leg. Currently being treated with Fragmin, which I hoping to be kept on. Pronounced limp gone six days after commencement of treatment. Leg more or less back to normal after three weeks, although like Merrohawk83 as soon as I was able to I made sure I went out for a walk each day. Since being on Fragmin, any swelling in my left leg has completely gone and I have not worn the compression stocking since. I suspect the clot in my left leg had not full dissipated when being treated with warfarin, so will be arguing to remain on Fragmin.


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