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do swollen feet and ankles have anything to do with aps?

As I've posted before, I have Factor V Leiden and APS. I've had spontaneous fractures in my leg, DVT, torn tendons, plantar fasciitis. Now a new problem and wondering if it is connected to APS. I have high blood pressure and these last few months it has spiked to dangerous levels. Beside my meds--Avapro, the doctors put me on Norvasc. This drug has a tendency to cause your feet and ankles to swell. Pressure came down to normal--w-as on it for 3 months, and sure enough, this happened. So my doctors took me off the Norvasc and said to monitor my blood pressure daily, which I have been doing. Within 3 days, my feet and ankles were back to normal for a few days. Off the Norvasc now for about 3 weeks and for about the last week, my feet and ankles are so blown up to an uncomfortable level-I can't even put on my compression stockings which I always have to wear. , I'm beginning to think I may have DVT again. Have anyone of you experienced this swelling?

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Morning, even if you haven't you need to see a Doctor today


Your brief history makes me think that you have a hypermobility syndrome-- Ehlers-Danlos, maybe a variant of Marfan's, maybe Lupus.

DaisyD is right about getting to an MD SOON!

But having Factor V Lieden, APS, and tendon/ligament issues, I'd have to say you need to see a geneticist (Dr. Grahame is THE guy in London, lots of Ehlers-Danlos geneticists in US are hyper mobility syndromes savvy. Look on the Ehlers-Danlos forum at NEDSF Inspire. Read the stories and see if they sound "strangely familiar," the tendon injuries, APS, and blood abnormalities, these are all associated with "inherited connective tissue disorders."

Look on YouTube for the Brighton Scale and see if you have ANY "bendy-ness." Cardiac anomalies are common and are often SUBTLE. Don't think it is going to be OBVIOUS! In reality those subtle defects are DANGEROUS. Just a thought.


Swelling in the feet and ankles can indicate a number of things, but it must be looked at fairly swiftly, by a doctor. MaryF


Hi Mary

I saw my internist doctor 3 days ago--He prescribed Lasix--I used to be on HCTZ ( a diuretic) but it raised my calcium level, so he and my cardiologist took me off it and put me on the Norvasc. It lowered my blood pressure, but...the feet and ankle swelling. So he now put me on Lasix 10mg which is a very, very low dosage and said take for 3 days and call him. Well, I did, and it did nothing to reduce swelling. So I called him today, and he increased it to 20 mg for 3 days and call him. I have appointment in 2 days with my vascular doctor who will do an ultra sound of both legs--Due to the history of DVT, I am hoping it did not happen again. Per my internist, it is probably not likely since I am on the Warfarin. I will know more Wednesday. If no answer there, then it is off to the nephrologist to see if kidneys are okay. My blood work which was done 10 days ago by my hematologist shows kidneys are working okay.


I saw my vascular doctor on Wednesday--the Lasix finally took effect, and it is amazing, but my feet and ankles are back to normal after being on the increased dosage of Lasix. I also lost 7 pounds in the 6 days that I took the meds. I must have been filling up with water--the Lasix after 6 days brought everything back to normal The vascular doctor did ultra sound on both legs--no new clots--no change since last ultrasound 6 months ago. My internist said after being on the Lasix for 10 days, come in for bloodwork to check my potassium level and calcium level.

The "fun" never ends. It's a good thing I have a good attitude about all this, or it could really get me down.


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