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Hi just like to know if any one else has this problem I feel like my ears need to pop I can not hear right feel like I am deff most of the Tim I do get the ringing in my ears not been to doctors yet don't know if he can do anything for me and waking up scratching my eye and nose all time driving me mad in the night time when I am in bed but you would think it would be red in a morning but it's not hope all of you are enjoying the sun bye for now Lesley x

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I am so sorry to hear that you do not feel well at all. I wish I could help you.

Did you get a referral to that APS-Specialist who was on our list and also rather close to your home?

Best wishes and hope you will soon

feel much better!



Not got ant think back regarding the specialist yet I feel ok ish in my self as it's just waiting game as normal lol x thank kerstin x


I think it will be a good thing to see the specialist, please remember to write out your history in bullet points to date, and of course past and present symptoms, to help you get the best out of your appointment.



If I were you I would get this checked out asap. I got a high pitched buzzing in my left ear which lasted about 2 mins and when it stopped I was deaf in that ear. Went to hospital and they gave me NASAL spray ( what that was supposed to do I don't know) Have now lost hearing permanently in that ear and have tinnitus, am now terrified same thing will happen in other ear. So I wouldn't leave it if I were you though if your hospital is as good as my local one they won't be much help.


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