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Pas disappearing?

Trying to be brief...

My uncle passed away with a blood clot when I was pregnant so took a blood test showed I was positive lupus anticoagulant so would do again 12 weeks later. 12 weeks later my baby passed away (term stillbirth) & a test said I was still positive. Hospital prepared to diagnose me as having APS but had a test 2 months later negative got pregnant again 4 weeks later and negative throughout that pregnancy but was taking aspirin 150mg this time throughout religiously.

Is APS transient? Does aspirin change test results? No one has picked up on the delayed diagnosis & claimed both early tests as false but what what else would explain the clots in placenta and a v late stillbirth?

Symptoms I exhibit are frequent mouth ulcers, occassional hip or knee discomfort & platelet count is just above threshold when not taking aspirin.

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I haven't been confirmed as being diagnosed, although one test had me elevated for APA antibodies, and another was inconclusive.

However, I have mouth ulcers, and my platelets are low normal, just like yours.


Hi there and welcome, so sorry to hear about your loss. Where are you located? It is easier to help you if we know. Results for Hughes Syndrome/APS do come and go, if you got negative blood tests for a while it does NOT mean that you do not have Hughes Syndrome/APS. It is quite clear from your history that you need careful medical input from doctors well read on this condition. MaryF



I completely agree with what my colleague, Mary, has advised you.

Best wishes and regards.



I'm in Manchester uk. I've only seen obstetricians & APS diagnosis was retracted when I complained about no monitoring between positive tests (so now claim false positives)


You need to be referred to an APS specialist to get properly assessed. Here is a link to the HSF Charity website page that has details of APS consultants throughout the UK:

Best wishes and let us know how you get on.



I am so sorry to hear your story it is very sad and I feel for you. I found that when I was first diagnosed with APS and put on asprin it only worked for a very short time and then I had to go on heparin injections followed closely by warfarin.

When on the asprin it didnt negate my APS test. I cannot say in other peoples case it wouldnt but it most DEFINITELY didnt make the slightest difference in mine.

Im near Norwich UK I agree with the other replies you have already and wish you the very best of luck Diane


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