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A question please!

Hello everyone I hope you are all as well as can be and most importantly have a positive outlook for the future, if you don't but want one then get in touch, no charge just free honest advise from a wise old person!

Back to my question:

• Does anyone have any first hand experience with, hemp seeds or B17??

I appreciate all your comments

Thank you

Kind regards


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Bought some but not tried yet. Supposedly good to add to smoothies or sprinkle on salads.

Hulled easier to use and possibly safer as have read on some forums that unhulled might even sprout if they get wet. And its not good for health to have a policeman at the door if some happen to grow.

Apparently they are very high in protein.


Im allergic to hemp. First, back in the 70s came the rash on my leg from climbing a rope in .p.e. Then came the bizarre rash on all exposed skin after football games, ( lots of kids toaked.). Last came the extreme symptoms I got every time I tried to smoke marihuana. I still tried to smoke grass with my friends, ( peer pressure in college is a powerful force,) until that night I went into anaphylactic shock.


Try making tea, put grass in water cover with cling film, to retain goodness as you would with herbs, do not boil! You can dry out grass and smoke it will still has thc so it still works :)

I would recommend Rosemary tea with honey, follow the same process once again do not boil!

This will make it slightly bitter! You can also make cakes, you don't need to put a lot of grass in it or u'll spoil it!!!

I hope this helps :) x


I am a serious tea drinker. And I grow rosemary in my garden. But I'm allergic to so many things, that I take great care when introducing anything new into my diet. And I'm not only allergic to marijuana, but ordinary grass as well. If my husband put the lawnmower in our connecting garage without hosing it off I will be sneezing and coughing for the next three days.


Did you have a question Gina?

Rosemary part of the mint family, can you eat mint?

I've put buds in my tea and it's lovely, dry it out make a cake job done, no smoking involved! :0)))


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