Hughes Syndrome + Moringa powder = ???

Hi, I have Hughes syndrome which i take aspirin daily for. I have been recommended by someone to use Moringa powder as it has lots of benefits and is natural .

I have seen mixed posts about been able to take this if you have "sticky blood"

Can someone give me some advise as I'm quite confused on what to believe.

Thanks all in advance

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  • Hi (lovely picture by the way) and welcome to this friendly site!

    I do not know in what country you live and who gave you your diagnose of APS (Hughes syndrome). I hope it was an APS-Specialist (so very few doctors know APS). I advise you to ask him before you start something new. Good luck!

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thanks I live in London and yes it was a consultant in Kings College Hospital who diagnosed me. Im thinking that would be the best place to get advise. thanks again ..... and i see your from stockroom. my dad lives there and I'm going out in a few weeks :)

  • What I would say, it don't start on any new regime like this without checking with your consultant/doctor, as it seems from my brief reading on it to be quite a strong herb, despite it's obvious help properties. At times with autoimmune disease you can flare with certain preparations for instance Echinacea and Elderbery raise the white blood cell count etc. Obviously if you were on Warfarin I should think you would be told no, but really a qualified nutritionist should be advising you on this with some GP input. Certainly with any new supplement I take, I seek advise and start slowly before reaching optimum dose.

    The most obvious warning here, is..... like all dark vegetables this Moringa is likely to thicken your blood, so if it was me, and this is my personal opinion, even though I am only on Aspirin, I would stick to my health diet and not take it.


  • Again i am not a medical person but my opinion is somewhat different.

    Firstly i dont know this particular preparation. So i cant advise specifically in relation to it.

    But i am becoming increasingly of the opinion that drugs we are taking should not impede us for seeking out further health advances that the drug regime is not tackling effectively.

    In my opinion the drugs should be the best answer. If they are leaving doubts then i feel we are bound to seek alternatives or additional preparations.

    Drugs need to lead a recovery or we need to find ways to make them work with other preparations that may present themselves

  • I take a lot of supplements and tweak my diet to make myself as well as possible, however I seek the guidance of a fully trained nutritionist and also consult my GP and various professors if I add in anything new! For instance I took the very obvious step of becoming gluten free as it seems to cause a problem with atuoimmune disease, this did improve my gut and stop me sneezing. MaryF

  • thanks for your reply it would be such a shame of i couldn't take it as it looks so good for you

  • thank you i think a call to the doctors is needed .....

  • Yes and often doctors know little about supplements. Hughes Syndrome/APS - sticky blood causes the blood to be thicker, so to take an extract of something which would be it's nature make the blood thicker could cause you real problems!


  • Ok. I am living in Stockholm. As a matter of fact i have lived here in this city on different places my whole 70 years of life. Wish you a good time here!

    Back to reallity - hope you follow the advise of MaryF.


  • Is there any updates you have about your APS and ability or inability to use Moringa powder or supplement?

    I have APS antibodies and just wanted to make sure since it's really hard to get an appointment with my doctor seeing as how they only have one clinic.

    Please email me if you can



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