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Can anyone tell me if theres a link with APS or other AI condition with very high IgE?

Yesterday I had it confirmed my APS is secondary to another AI problem (suspect SLE). My son has always suffered a lot of abdominal pain and had been told he's allergic to mill and soya as it aggregates his GORD.

Endoscopy and bloods say he has chronic inflammation of stomach and oesophagus. His IgE is 1080 (range 0 - 60) but the allergies checked did not give significant results. His transferrin is also low.

Anyone able to tell me if I should push for rheumatology? ANA -ve but they didn't do APS tests.

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Hi it is common to have various autoimmune conditions alongside Hughes Syndrome/APS. I have a motley collection of them myself, as do others on here. It is really common to have a combination of Thryoid. Sjogrens Disease and Hughes/APS and at times SLE (Lupus) Also. Please do consider ditching the gluten, you do not have to have full blown Coeliac Disease to have a problem with gluten, many of us give it up.

I also enclose this paper:



Thanks Mary.

I should apologise - my question was garbled.

I really wanted thoughts on if the IgE and other problems my son has may be related to one of the "family" of AI problems, since I am in that spectrum myself.

Allergy tests included gluten, but came back with a non significant number (as I understand ). His dietician previously advised against cutting out gluten for him, but will do if necessary - although it will make it impossible to feed him with his other restrictions!

I am awaiting a letter and news of what next from the hospital. In the mean time I want to arm myself with what I may need to ask.

Thanks again x


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