Ok so until I haf my strokes in 2011 I didn't have any symptoms from the aps that I know of lime I said before I als have MS since 2005. But lately I have these flesh colored bumps on my arms that itch when I scratch it just leaves a red hole with nothing in it. Is this aps? Any ideas I know Coumadin has weird side effects on the body as well. Any ideas would be great I've skrwady been to the dr twice in the last 2 months. Any help would be great

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  • When I get such a rash it is always due to contact, either topical or engested, with some allergen. Any new foods lately? Or new laundry detergent? ( my husband gets a rash on his legs if his socks are washed in strong detergent.)

  • Nothing new and it doesn't look like a normal rash more shattered pimple things nothing Otc helps

  • It's not psoriasis, is it, Needsanap? Are the bumps like a build up of dry skin? I do know that some beta blockers on some people, can bring on this itchy condition.

  • same thing for me only I never was on Coumadin. I have seen a dermatologist who put me on a cream called triamcinolone acetonide cream 0.1% , it really helps stop the itch and heal up the holes and it only took two days to notice the improvement

  • I will ask my dr about that it's just so hard to get in last minute. Thanks so much for the advice I may call a dermatologist

  • From what I've seen and read it's not psoriasis they are almost pimple like but itch I've got it on both arms it's pretty scattered out. I'm not taking a beta blocker so not sure hydrocortisone doesn't touch it or Benadryl

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