I know this is slightly off topic but i wondered if any of you took glucosamine. Why im asking is ive just started taking it (after checking with gp) as i have osteoarthritis in many joints and it was recommended by a friend but since ive started taking it my joints seem to be worse. I dont know if this is a temporary side effect or maybe just coincidence but i wonder if anyone had any experience of it . Thanks

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  • Do you have APS?

  • Yes and Lupus. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago

  • I tried Glucosamine for my arthritis and found that it made them worse rather then better. Both my GP and Pharmacist advised me not to take it, but I am prepared to give most things a try if I feel that it can do me some good. How wrong was I and I will listen more attentively next time they give me some advice.

    Of course, different pills/drugs can work different ways with different people. It just was not right for me !!

  • Hi Margaretjo I have been taking Glucosamine for about 7 years now because I have osteoarthritis in my back (as well as APS) I must say it has improved my pain immensely and I would recommend it to anyone. It does take about 3 months for it to start working though so it's up to you whether or not you keep taking it.

  • I have OA and finally had to have my hip replaced this past winter. This coming winter I may have to have surgery on my opposite knee. I tried glucosamine/chondroitin but at the same time I also upped my fish oil dosage (with care due to interactions with warfarin,) topical NSAIDs, and others on a trial basis. It is hard to control for fluctuations - weather, moods, stressors, activity level, temperature -- to establish what works and what doesn't. After years and years I find that the oral glucosamine/chondroitin doesn't make much difference for me -though it does for others! Because the knee joint does not have the amount of tissue density above it I find a lot of relief from topical creams on my knee - though it didn't help the hip much because no matter how hare I rubbed it couldn't get it down there. Blue emu cream, which is a hippy/alternative med stuff which was borrowed from Australian native medicine, does help my knee. A lot! And it does have natural lubricants which again, do seem to help.

    But the biggest help I have had to cope with OA has been physical therapy -- learning how to move, and how not to move to support and strengthen effected joints.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks I use transvasin cream which i get on prescription as it is not antiinflamatory.

  • I found this which is from our Bristish Medical Journal which indicates that there is no evidence to support its use. The power of placebo is very strong but my feeling is that does it really matter if it is the pill or the Placebo as long as something works.

  • I totally agree but as yet im not sure if it is working. My left knee in particular is very troublesome but ive a feeling ive damaged it. Ive to see my gp on wednesday so hopefully i'll know something more after that. Thanks for the reply and the link

  • I found glucosamine worked for me , but stopped taking it because I think it is contraindicated ?

    With Warfarin, I might be wrong

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