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Many of us with Hughes Syndrome, and or a variety of autoimmune suffer with Thyroid problems

Many of us are told our levels are normal, the TSH test is not known for it's reliability! Many of us also have allergies to medication. In the UK it is a struggle at times to get diagnosis due to the narrow banding of results and the test themselves. also many people do not realize that there are alternative treatments out there which some do have a better outcome on. So that we all can have access to these should we need them, consider signing and recruiting others with this timely petition by Thyroid UK:


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This is really important Petition so please sign if you feel able even if you don't have Thyroid issues. This is abit like the seronegative APS issues except that even when medication is given the T4 is not effective for a lot of people who like me need T3 or a combination but Drs won't prescribe it to us.

Funnily enough I'm off today to see my Endo for this very reason and I will lay a wager with you I won't get it! Even if I do I bet my GP will refuse to endorse his recommendation.

I'll let you all know tomorrow.


Yes, it often leaves patients having to import it themselves from outside the UK at great expense, it is on a named patient basis, and with your tendency for allergy you make a fair point to receive it. MaryFx


Well I've had my appointment and he gave very fair reasons why T3 was not a good option for me at the moment. However he did offer to prescribe NDT. He thinks however that my APS is doing very well and does not want to do anything to upset that so has left the decision to me. He thinks some tinkering with my dose for the next 6 to 8 weeks first and then a retest and depending on the results I will decide if I want to switch over to the NDT then, providing I can find a good source.

So a very positive visit really.


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