Absent from forum

Absent from forum

Hi all at last I am back on the forum I love, without your help and gidance I have been a mess. I cleared out my pc and forgot to save certain web sites so lost this one. But back i am and here to stay. Went to dr yesterday for inr and it had jumped from 1.9 to 3.1 which for me was a shock. I had to take a dose of 3.5 everyday except Sunday which was 4mg. They told me to take same dosge and then 4 again but i refused to take higher dosage as witrh the bleed I had once before and had to be hospitalised for a week to get inr down from 7.6 to 2.5. They did not argue with mw, do you think i did right thing. Still nervous of this drug and been on it since March.

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  • Lovely to see you back and what a great picture! You don't actually say what your therapeutic INR range is. Remember the dose you take will be different for everyone to achieve the INR you want to achieve. You may also find that sometimes taking a different dose will need to change in oder to do that because our bodies change and what we put in it also changes. Consistency is always the key. If you ate and drank the same things every day and did nothing different that would be boring but with luck your dose could stay the same. Life isn't like that though is it?

    You will get used to taking it. Have you considered self testing as it may give you the confidence I feel you need.

  • Hi, did you have a different user name last time around? I can't personally advise you on your INR and your anticoagulants, but it does sound like you GP is listening, it is about real team work with you, the GP and whichever consultant you have. The INR all over the place is a common problem that members discuss on here, I am sure several will chip in. MaryF

  • Hi

    I fully agree with what my colleagues have said.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi, Do you have APS? Who is treating you at present?

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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