Hi I suffer from pains in my head quit a lot in all different places including at the back of my eye that comes and go's

It started off I had a flu like virus and then got mouth thrush the doctor put me on antibiotics witch made me get pains in my head and have had it ever since I've recently been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 I also suffer from a lot of colds and get pressure at the back of my nose and some times it feels as if my eyes are straining can somebody pleas help me as I am so worry incase I have a brain tumour or even signis's cancer it plays on my mind a lot and courses me to worry ...

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  • Hi this is a forum for people with Hughes Syndrome/APS, do you have a diagnosis of this? MaryF

  • Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that you feel so bad! Do you have APS (Hughes Syndrome) ? On this this site we all have APS and try to help eachother. We can not give medical advice as we are no doctors here Please try to get in touch with your doctor and good luck.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm.

  • As my colleagues have said this is a site for those with Hughes Syndrome/APS, do you have a diagnosis of this?


  • Sorry I apologise I thort it was a site were you could ask a question and somebody would reply that has got the same kinda symptoms been to the doctors but they ain't much help

  • Good luck at the doctor's and bear in mind that sinus infections can cause facial pain and headaches! MaryF

  • Thank you :)

  • Good Luck too


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