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Musculoskeletal problems

Hi all, ive been having a dull pain in my chest/breast now since before xmas - my gp can feel what she thinks is muscoskeletal, i have lots of muscle problems,pains,spasms etc, has anyone else had this - or know of what i can do to help? Im due to start plaquenil soon do you know if this will help with this type of pain or does it usually just help with nerve type pain we get ? Im a bit upset as it seems more and more symptoms just keep coming and now is this just another type of pain I just have to put up with every day now? Thanks and hope your all well as can be xx

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Hello emmaj

I have had this too and I go to a cranial osteopath friend of mine. He is great at sorting it out for me.

Best wishes.



Myofacial Release Therapist is also very good if you can find one in your area. Trigger Points can cause this type of pain. If they cannot be manually released with a good therapist then trigger point injections via your local Pain clinic will help too.


thanks all x


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