Medical alert jewelry

Medical alert jewelry

Friends, I finally accepted my APS and SLE and ordered myself a medical alert bracelet. I thought that in case of accident it would be important to notify medics of my conditions and the fact I am on life long warfarin.

I ordered a lovely bangle from and for £32 I got a lovely bangle with engraved charm detailing these facts with an in case of emergency number too.

It is lovely and arrived within 72 hours of placing the order. And I feel releved to know that medics will be able to care for me better should it be needed.

There are other companies that make these and I honestly dont work for this firm. If I shouldn't post this here feel free to delete, but it has made me feel better about being ill.

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  • Thank you for reminding me, I don't want to wear one but know I should bought one this am.

    Thanks again

  • I know what you mean daisyd. I felt the same and was putting it off. Then I wondered what to have engraved as meds may change, but in the end I thought I'd just name the conditions andthe one drug I know I'll have for life. Plus with this style I could add charms if needed.

    Now it's here I do feel assured that clots and bleeds will at least be looked for if I am taken unwell or am in an accident.

  • ace - I carry the card for medic alert but don't wear an emblem. I really should, especially with all the walking and horse riding I do! I'm so glad you found a reasonably priced and pretty one - so often they just look industrial!

    Thanks for posting


  • My thoughts exactly!

  • I have a USB port that is in stainless steel - it is 6 GB and will plug into any computer - Dc's-med's {THOUGH NOT AMOUNTS AS THEY CHANGE - -emergency phone #'s for all hospitals - Dc's DPOA 's ETC and I also wear a stainless steel dog tag . I have over 20 diagnosed problems, so on dog tag I abbreviate most important { 7 }

    Doctors have been asking where to get them as they see the USB port as a great thing and have the info to order them available in their offices now. The USB's are suppose to be water proof - but I don't us it swimming , just my dog tag .

  • I was with the medic alert foundation but I let my membership lapse ... finding it difficult to find the £25 a year membership as well as the money to pay for a bracelet that has to be changed with my new info each time the important stuff changes. I like the idea of a usb and dog tags and will see if my brother can help out as he does engraving. I'm sure I've got a set of dog tags about the house somewhere

  • I was at my First Aid at Work re-qual course this week and the trainer said that I must get myself a bracelet. She reminded me that if I'm knocked out and bleeding, no-one is going to look in my purse for anything other than ID so it would be easier on the emergency services (and I owed it to them) to at least give them the heads up that I'm on Warfarin. I actually felt quite guilty after the conversation!

  • That's exactly what I'm in the process of doing too, they could save your life good to know I'm not alone doing this :)

  • It is high time that myself and children had bracelets, have promised myself that I will do this after my imminent house move! MaryF

  • Hey,

    I bought an alert bracelet just last month - not as pretty as yours but since wearing it i feel much safer.

    I got mine from Amazon and they have different types and styles. Carrying my yellow book around with me and the anticoagulant card has not inspired me with any assurance that the right thing would be done if the situation ever arose.

    Have been taking Warfarin 27 years for APS but never thought til recently that such a bracelet would be of use. Mine was £14.

  • I have an SOS talisman bracelet in stainless steel. It's brilliant with a concertina paper inside the watertight capsule documenting everything relevant including all the usual medical and drug stuff as well as family contacts etc. I got it as soon as I was diagnosed. I also have a sleeve on my car safety belt with the same info and a photo and an SOS talisman sticker on my car windscreen to alert emergency crews in the event of an accident. I'm not taking any chances since APS is so little acknowledged by medical staff still!

  • I have the same bracelet as you Yvonne with. It's easy to change the paper inside and easy to recognise. I have a Paramedic friend and he reminded me not to buy a bracelet that looks too much like jewelry, this will make it much easier to spot in an emergency.

  • I am a firm believer in medic alert, I have a watch which I wear all the time, had it about 8 years now. Yes things have changed over the years so keep my card updated, in an emergency as far as I'm concerned its vital the medics know I'm on anti coagulants. Theres a telephone number on the back and my membership number so they can call for more details. No matter where I am in the world medic alert will always accept reverse chartges.

    As for USB not a great fan and if someone asked me to put one in my PC I would be very hesitant due to the transfer of a potentially nasty virus. Not everyone is honest, but thats probably just me being old and cynical!

    Tasch, please please get something you can wear it doesnt matter what. I had a very nasty horse riding accident and really wasnt on this planet for a few hours (concussion, several broken bones including my back, I was lucky and didnt have any spinal injuries) the medics phoned medic alert and the rest as they say is history.

  • I agree we must be careful to make it clear that it is an alert, but don't want anything too industrial looking! We should all wear something to identify our health issues.

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