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Any advice if have severe d & v attack - what will this do to my INR and warfarin levels?

Dx with APS and ? SLE a uear aho, been on drig cocktail for 10 months but have picked up a nasty d and v bug. Suspect I have lost morning doses including 200mg of Plaquinel.

Should I try to take Plaquinel, warfarin and amytriptalene tonight. I know you shouldnt do Plaquinel on empty stomach, but as I am unable to even keep water down I'm worried about my warfarin etc. Any advice please?

Oh, I can now self test so if wise can do.


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Hi your INR will be all over the place with this going on, you need to ring your consultant/GP or nurse at the clinic who monitor your INR to get some help with this, I am sure the Plaquenil can be introduced as soon as you can keep food down, the bug will not last long, but regarding the Warfarin, of course others on here will have had a similar experience from time to time so can compare experiences but you still need some sound medical guidance. Best of luck. MaryF

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Thanks Mary - that's what I feared :-(

Whole family have this so we will be stuck indoors tomorrow, and I will call the clinic. Glad I can now check my INR at home!


Hi Bonny39,

I understand that you have got a difficult situation. I have never been in that position. I self test and so do you. Is that right?

If I were you I would test and see where my INR is at the moment. If it is quite too low I would go to the hospital and I do not know if you have got Fragmin shots to take. Are you alone now?

I Think you may need help if the warfarin is quite out of control. I am sorry that I can not help you in your difficult situation. Best is to call the hospital and ask what to do. I only know of warfarin.

Wish you well soon!

Kerstin in Stockholm


Good that you are not alone. It is not good of course ........ the rest of the family ill also. Yes good that you can selftest. Sounds good!



Thanks Kerstin. I have just got permission to self test. Am thinking I will have to skip tonight's Warfarin and test in the morning. The worry is I cannot go to the hospital with this bug. I will call them in the morning, test and see what they advise.

Grr to bugs!


How are you today? Have you managed with the selftesting and the advice from the clinic?

I have wondered what I should do in such a situation.

Hope for a fast recovery for you and your family!



My inr shot up when I had a sick bug last year. The nurse told me it was because I wasn't eating therefore not absorbing it.


Sheesh! Just read back my initial post. Sorry for typos!

I called the clinic and they advised me to get something for the but from a pharmacy, and to self test. Not up to going out so self tested and stayed in. INR 2.9 which is good for me. Will retest in a week.

Unfortunately the bug is still having a blast with my insides. Forced some porrige and am going to try to hold onto my pills. Yuck.

Thanks for the great advice as ever! X


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