Anyone with APS have trouble sleeping?

Hi everyone, I frequently have trouble staying asleep through the night and have horrible post nasal drip. Does anyone else have this and what have you done to alleviate the situation? It doesn't help that my dear husband snores and wakes me up, I usually have trouble falling back asleep after his snoring wakes me up. I have taken one NyQuil in the past to help with the sleep and drip, but I don't feel that this is a solution since I don't want to take NyQuil every night. I am on warfarin and have a fairly steady INR. Any suggestions would be great, thanks. Jen

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  • Hi I am not on Warfarin for my Hughes Syndrome, I am on LDN and Aspirin for my various disorders. However I used to have terrible allergies to the point of sneezing so hard and so continuously that I kept the whole house awake, I also have a very bad almost daily running nose or sniff. Since getting my sub clinical hypo thyroidisim better managed this helped, and when I went gluten free it completely cleared! However I have a friend that does not have Hughes Syndrome, she found that also going gluten free helped her, as did changing all her bedding to hypo allergenic as dust mites can cause a real problem if you are already a bit sensitive to things. The only time I had gluten by mistake the sneezing and running nose was straight back for three days! Hope this helps, bad sleep is awful. MaryF

    ps apparently I snore like a trooper, as does my other half, so in times of strife we both sleep with ear plugs in!

  • Thanks for the response, I do have a slight gluten sensitivity if I have too much gluten I get joint pain. Elimination of gluten didn't help with the nasal drip and if I eat sour dough or other whole grain products, sprouted grains a couple times a week it doesn't bother me. We do have a problem with our roof and some mold in our attic, the entire roof and plywood need to be replaced so maybe once we fix our roof the nasal drip will ease up. Then I will only need to contend with my sweeties snoring. I need a good night sleep, I'm starting to get very cranky. I wish there was something natural I could take safely with the warfarin. Thanks again for the reply, Jen

  • Hi there! I frequently have problems sleeping whether it's falling asleep or staying asleep. I usually will wake around 3AM and not able to fall back to sleep until near the time for me to get up. Sad to say but I've taken Benedryl as a sleep aid the past two nights.

    Good luck!

  • Lack of sleep is awful, I wish I could take benedryl, but it makes me jittery. When I take NyQuil I sleep great and have no post nasal drip, but it certainly isn't a permanent solution or something I could take all the time. The worst is when you just start to fall back asleep after staring at the ceiling for hours and the alarm goes off. Thanks for the reply, Jen

  • i fall asleep great but wake at 10:30 and the every hour after that..nothing helps me sleep through the night..over the counter or prescription..frustrating...

  • This is pretty much what happens to me as well. Have you tried anything holistic? There are several holistic sleep aids out there, but information on drug interactions is pretty limited. Thanks for the reply, I'll keep my fingers crossed that we all get a decent night sleep, Jen

  • Im not sure if its related but ive had a sore infected nostril for 3 years!! keep puttin cream on when it flairs but it always comes back.incredibly sore. As for the sleep issues, i can be awake all night and a feeling of not being able to switch off, I feel like im in an altered state of consciousness-hard to describe- i actually sleep better at night if i can have at least 20 mins nap through the day x

  • Sorry about your sore nose, for me it's more sinus/congestion related. I wish I could nap during the day, I've tried but can never actually fall asleep. Maybe yoga or meditation would help me the way a nap helps you. Thanks for the reply, Jen

  • I find that valerian herbal tablets help. I take them when I wake during the night and usually I drift back into sleep eventually. Also, avoid looking at the clock!

  • Hi, I've heard valerian helps with sleep, but couldn't find much information on drug interactions. Do you take warfarin? If so any issues with your INR? I completely agree with looking at the clock, most of the time I try to avoid checking the time....when I do check it I'm usually shocked that it's not time for me to get up and start my day then of course I can't fall back asleep because I start thinking about all the things I need to do. Thanks for the reply, next visit I'll talk with my doctor about the valerian, Jen

  • Hi, I'm sorry, I should have checked before recommending the valerian because you're right about the possible drug reaction with warfarin. I've just read up on it. I'm on low dose aspirin so I'm ok taking it, and I can also drink chamomile tea...which is another thing that warfarin users should avoid. You should try yoga..I love it! the 20 minute relaxation at the end of the session when you lie on your mat under your blanket is so 'relaxing' and it teaches you how to calm the mind and the body. I take an antihistamine for the nasal drip, canesten cream for the sore nostrils and I kick my husband when he snores!

  • Thanks for the quick reply, I've read different things about the valerian and couldn't find enough information on I was hesitant to try it, I'll still ask my doctor about it and see what he says. I'm definitely going to give yoga and mediation a try as I do think most of my problems stem from not being able to quiet my mind, I'll let you know if it helps. As for my husbands snoring there have been many nights where I send the poor guy to the couch, I feel badly, but a girls gotta sleep sometimes. Thanks, Jen

  • Hi

    I hardly sleep and i am always so tired i spoke to my GP about it but said its the APS , and i am on so much different medication he will not add to it.

  • Have you tried a white noise machine? (Or a white noise ap?) I too wake often through the night and only sleep a good 7 - 8 hours without a break once a week or so. But the white noise machine helped a lot; prior to using it I would go night after night after night of ceiling staring. Now I will wake, as last night, at 3; fall back asleep sometime in the next 15 minutes; then wake again at 4; back asleep; wake again at 5:15 and go ahead and call it morning.

  • Hi, I do have a white noise machine, it definitely helps. I find many times I can't fall back asleep because I start thinking of the many things I need to do in the morning and then I start to freak out about how awful I'm going to feel because I'll be so tired from not's a vicious(sp?)cycle . Thanks for the reply, Jen

  • Rlupus, I find when I have too many sleepless nights I start to's awful, as is being constantly tired. I find once the warm weather starts to move in I sleep much better. Thanks for the reply...I wish I could offer you some suggestions for a better night sleep, as I truly know how awful lack of sleep can be.. If yoga or meditation work for me I will let you know. Jen

  • I too don't sleep well and have post nasal drip. I usually take 1 or 2 benadryl before going to bed. It was originally intended to be a sleep aid.

  • A doctor once told me that sleep aids can and should be taken for 2-3 nights, he said the idea is to re-establish a healthy sleep pattern. But only for 2-3 nights! I use Benadryl for that purpose, and in fact, imgoing to take a full Benadryl dose tonight to try and re-set my sleep pattern.

    Good luck!

    Let me know how you progress.

    Sweet dreams!

  • I take one benadryl every night before bed. It's an antihistamine and dries up the post nasal drip plus it was originally marketed as a sleeping pill. I've also added melatonin to the mix. I too have trouble staying asleep through the night.

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