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VIA HSF Charity page, You can now listen to Ryan and Kate Bowden's interview on BBC Radio Derby - they are 1 hour and 14 minutes into the programme. Thank you for being so brave and doing this for all us APS patients

ps if members see anything like this on their travels in cyberspace, do feel free to load it on, or send to me by private message, thanks, we can all help with information sharing. MaryF

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  • Great interview with Kate and Ryan ... and Kate even mentions this forum and the APS specialist list, not to mention managing to remember all the stats and figures from the charity's media fact sheet. Thank you both xx

  • Yes.. I am going to listen to it later on this evening, I understand from people who have listened to it already, that it is really good, I am looking forward to doing so. MaryF

  • Yes, it's great - I didn't realise they were going to have so much air time. Kate was very brave in sharing her experiences, but I'm so glad their story has a happy ending. Good luck to Ryan with that bike ride ...

  • :-) Awww thanks I'm blushing!! It wouldn't have been such a happy ending if it wasn't for HSF, this and other forums like it!! Thank you all for the support you've given us xxx

  • Well on here, we are all literally in this together, it is a pleasure to help. MaryF

  • That was a good interview and I really hope some Doctors were listening!

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