Finally set up to see a specialist.! Dr R. Brey

After my last post, and the good advice , that I do need to see a doctor knowledgeable about Hughes, aka antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. I had my hemotologist office fax labs and all to the University of Texas, Health and Science Center, in San Antonio Tx. I got a call this morning, Dr Brey will take me as a patient! I am,giddy, thankful and so glad. My appt. Is March 27. I WILL UPDATE AFTER. Thank all of you for your wise counsel, !

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  • Brilliant! Cant wait to hear how you get on. X

  • Hi, I am delighted to hear your news, please gather up any information you have, including history in bullet points back as far as you can remember, and also symptoms in order to get the most out of your appointment slot.

    ps thank you for the nice feedback, we do aim to please! MaryF

  • I will do that! Thank you.

  • So it's been 3yrs... and?

  • Is this Doctor a Hematologist? No one here in rural Missouri seems to know much about it. Just wounding. Tonight I have about 10 lbs of extra fluid due to swelling and I am so frustrated....

  • Mayo Clinic has Rheumatologists who understand APS and Autoimmune Diosrders....Centers in Arizona,Florida and Minnesota.......go to their website.....they have links to specialists around the US...

  • Actually, a neurologist, as so many symptoms mimic neurological disorders.

  • Best wishes....glad to know the US has a specialist in Texas.....I live in New York and the Hospital for Special Surgery/Rheumatology Department in New York City is doing research on APS...have asked me to donate blood sample

  • OMG that is awesome! Thank you for posting this! I will be trying to do the same. Would love to see an APS specialist! How did your appointment go?

  • Hi! A doctor in NYC is trying to get me in to see Dr. Brey because I live in Fredericksburg Tx. How do you like her? Also, who is your hematologist?

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