Did anyone see the Good DR.

Did anyone see The good DR. Last night , this is the first time i have seen APS mentioned on a main character in a series . Well she was the wass one of the main patients . This sis a god thing as far as shining a light on our disorder. . I almost swallowed my spoon LOL

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  • Oh, my sister told me I need to see it, as our 16 year old son has Asperger’s syndrome. ( the one who also now has APS.)

    Fortunately he has a very mild case. He’s very matter of fact personality. Rather flat affect. He has a very high IQ - genius range but can’t organize anything- can’t find any thing... can’t seem to turn papers in on time.

    he’s quite social now- his friends understand he’s ...quirky?

    just got his drivers license- big into tennis.

    So- sounds like we need to see this show for sure!

  • Hope you do K I can look it up and see how to get it aired again - I know it can be done - i am like i said limited.... 0 so limited :-(

  • Hi Jim,

    Is it a TV-program you talk of? Did they mention Hughes Syndrome in it?

    I am so glad you did not swallow your spoon. Tell us more about it if we can not see the show. Fantastic if our illness is on TV.


  • Yes K it was accurate also no hamming it up for TV.- let me know if you get to see it Kerstin .!!!! Hugs my friend from Casey and I

  • Yes I saw it. Couldn't believe it. Very good show.

  • When you have removed the spoon, if you can stick the programme on here, although it may not be possible yet! MaryF

  • I did see it too. I was surprised to see APS, blood clots and miscarriages all part of the story. It was rather scary for me.

    I'm adding a link, but I don't know if it will be watchable in the UK.


    It's the episode called Pipes.

    I wish I could get the full BBC version of Dr. Who, but I can't. Just chopped up and full of commercials--drat!

  • Thank You Ann - I can't make it work yet but i will keep trying . I am so limited with this COMP. I need a class or a tutor . Ha Ha I am glad you saw it also Ann !!

  • I am so sorry -i am so limited with this computer - maybe i can find some help either on here or at home here - The Show is " The Good Doctor" it aired last night 10 -16 - 17 at 10:00 PM channel 9 WMUR - I think ABC network . The woman had lost many pregnancies and the fetus had a tumor and The DR. said you have Antiphospholipid syndrome and it will cause u to clot in the heart with this procedure. as it did and they stopped her heart to remove the Baby and remove the tumor. and they did it successfully. I believe they were very accurate { not bustering it up for a better show. The woman made it as well. Don't know how i could get it on . ANY HELP OUT THERE LOL .It was a good part of the show. exposure is great . So srry i can do more --Do you people in UK get this program ?? And Kerstin They called it Antiphospholipid Syndrome .To all i got the spoon out of my big mouth . as far as my eye's popping out of my head , they are so good again . I got a call from my new student hygienist and i am bring my info and APS info for her to use in her class - she is so excited .and again she will share it with her class -she is in her 4 semester { as they have to be to work on patients } also for me they have to be in the top of their class . I am notifying my Nurses and Dr's also as i tell them we are a work in progress.We are learning all the time .Hopefully people watching it will spark an interest and they will pursue it .I am still excited . Be still my old heart LOL :-)

  • I guess i shouldn't have silverware in my mouth will watching TV LOL

    It could prove to be DANGEROUS !!!! ???? :-)

  • I almost teased you about the spoon... but I’m far too too nice. 😇 ( if you only knew me... he he...

    Shout out to Mary for busting that wide open! High five!!!

  • Hi. It's been long time since I last posted but I have checked my TV programme magazine for next week and the first episode of The Good Doctor starts on Friday 27th at 9pm on Sky Living HD. That's UK time. Hope this helps.

  • thanks for the heads up. I’ll do a computer search ot wait for the re run. And greatings from WV. Are your autumn leaves at or past peak?


  • I have tried and the link that Ann put up, shows all four episodes but the one " Pipes " has a lock display on bottom left corner -- i did my Voice search on the series and it say's no rerun time as of now . As far as our leaves up above the notch "white Mountains , it peaked last week -i think they said 100,000 people in the state peeping two weekends ago when i went and my friend Maureen made he loop. now south of the notch around the lakes region is peak .and where i am maybe next week -- Gina did you see the pic's i put on FB a couple of weeks on my home page -- just gorgeous and you know the area so you would love it -- did you see it , I hope so because i lost things on my comp. and it may of effected them - not sure.

    Big hugs from Casey and I up here in the north country .

  • You can also go to YouTube and watch it. I saw it but have missed the previous 4? shows so I want to go back and check them out.

  • Hi AnnNY, the link you posted works perfectly (I'm in the US). I didn't have to sign in or wait the week either, and it plays fine. Thanks so much!

    Thanks Jetjetjet for the heads up. I don't watch much TV and would've missed this for sure :-)

  • Tofino -- I must be doing somethings wrong {Most Likely the case at hand } But if others can see it that was my intent as i already saw it BUT would like to see it again as it shocked me when the DR said that to that woman patient , so i wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything during the initial shock Ha HA HA .I will try again Thanks

  • Yes and the doc names it twice in the first few minutes of the show! The first time I almost missed it because he said it so fast, but the second time was very clear.

    All I did was click on the link that AnnNY put in her post. It went to an app, and said select your provider. I clicked on one, then it said there would be a weeklong delay, but there wasn't. I started to watch it. I will watch the episode later, but saw the first 5 minutes or so.

    Good luck!

  • Salmon - i tried and not available yet and no rerun date when i tried to Voice it on my Comcast view schedule. not as of yesterday anyways . and as i have said i am so limited with all electronic's

  • I saw it too. I was like WHAT??!!?? Cool that it's been mentionned. I bet Google was busy that night

  • Danluc - so far we are getting a lot of responses on here . Hope all get chance to see it !! Thanks

  • If you can't get it to work with putting in your provider it should be open in a week (no lock). Glad it worked for some people.

  • Thanks Ann i will try again and let you know :-)

  • Hi Jim,

    I thought I could see it and everything looked fine but then a text showed up suddenly;

    " It seems that you are not in the Unites States and this programme can only be watched in the United States and its territories. "

    A hug to you and Casey from

    Kerstin in Stockholm (where we can not watch the programme)

  • The people in UK are going to be able to see it later on this month SO maybe some one can put it on . APS of America wh i watch at times oin the computer just realized it happened on the Good Dr. show and it's a buzz there now- i have gotten 27 hits on my original post so keep an eye on that - need to get ready for my back shots this morning early -It's 6:00 AM here now and i need to be there at 7 :30 . I am in dire need of them shots 36 i hope . some times not as many different places depending on the DEEP muscles near spine as they take preference as they can cause the most problems in the next 2 months before next shots can be gotten { i use to get them every 3 weeks but the insurance company decided i wasn't in enough pain so they took them away totally and i had to fight for over a year to get them back every 2 months !! } In hopes that if you keep an eye on that original post of mine OR others that you will be able to see it . WELL by for now and after my second appointment this morningi wil check here to see if you returned my message Back then FEET today YAHOO !!!! Casey has another fatty lacoma above the other one GRRRRR !! BIG hugs my friend Casey & I

  • We saw it too and as I sat here in shock my husband got all excited! Haha. Sorry you can’t see it outside the US! I’m loving that show!

  • Repost

  • edgewater100 this one may enlighten more people

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