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If you were booking a private appointment, which one of these consultants would you choose? Prof Hughes, Prof Khamashta or Prof D'Cruz?

I am not entirely happy with the care I am getting locally, mainly as I am not sure that there is a lot of joined up thinking going on, ie high ALT is being dealt with by hepatologist, APS overseen by rheumatologist and also promised tests don't seem to get done, so I am getting intermittent breathlessness and they said about a lung CT months ago but now seem to be back tracking. Also I think they have got my INR range too low but won't listen to me - I'm just the person with the condition after all! So I thought I would spend a couple hundred pounds to see someone but can't decide which one. The rheumatologist has asked Prof D'Cruz for his advice about some things so she might respect his opinion I suppose, but I want to have the best overall advice for me. In the same hospital that I am being seen at there is someone on the Hughes Foundation specialist list but I am not sure if it would be politic to ask for an internal change or if I will be seen as even more of an 'arsey' patient than I am already!

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Just a quick reminder of the Guidelines everyone! Please remember to answer this question by PM ONLY! We do not name or shame Doctors on this site. :-D

Thank You!

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Yes - sorry to name them all like this, only did it as I know they are all 3 highly thought of - have seen only good comments on the site about them all, so I thought it was risky but not too bad! Been doing a 'should I - shouldn't I' dance for a couple of weeks now but really want to make and appointment. Please do PM me if you do have something which might help in my particular circumstance as outlined

Best wishes



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