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What a month

Hi all

Just thought I would say hi , had an awful month ,

Admitted to hospital weeks ago with bladder stone and urine retention had emergency surgery and was given vitamin k which really messed with my warfarin .

I was discharged and began to feel unwell I put it down to under Anticoagulation , however six days later I was found unconscious in the bathroom by my girlfriend I was rushed straight to resuscitation at my local a+e diagnosed with severe urosepsis and multi organ failure I was immediately placed on life support ventilator , haemodialyss etc etc my liver and kidneys began to fail and I I remained this way for two weeks , I was given a 10% chance of survival . Cardiac arrest on days four and five . Thankfully I made it and although I feel better i am struggling big time I once again was given vitamin k now my INR won't move even on 10mg on warfarin, fatigue has kicked in , kidneys not recovered fully blood work still up the creek ,

Feel this is going to be a big uphill battle

Hope you are all doing ok


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Oh my Dan, What can I say but wish you all the luck in the world to feel better soon! Im sending you a really big and gentle hug as I feel thats all I can really offer. (((((((((O)))))))))


Hi Dan, please continue to rest and do stay in touch with us all, wishing you a recovery at the right speed! Mary F x



You poor thing what a erible time you have been having.

Thank goodness you have had good attention and pulled round.

I think you must be patient and try to get a little stronger each day.

We are all thinking of you and sending x


Morning Dan,

well here I was lying in bed feeling sorry for myself, and boy have you given me a kick up the bum!!!

I really hope you start to feel better soon.

Rest rest and more rest

Wishing you a speedy recovery



Oh what a toughie you are try to keep your chin up if that doesnt sound too patronising!! Youve certainly been through the mill,allow yourself time and i hope you start to get better very soon-thinking of youx


Good thoughts from across the pond!


Hi Dan

Hope you continue to go from strength to strength. Look after yourself.

Love from here InSpain xxx


It's amazing you're here to tell the tale!!

The very best of luck with your continuing recovery.



Hi Dan,

My wishes with the best recovery goes to you from me in Stockholm.



Oh dear Dan, that is not good, I do hope you are improving now?!

What a struggle you have been having, thinking of you & hoping you recover quicker x


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