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Warfarin resistance ?

Hello everyone, I've been on warfarin ever since my dignosis in 1999 but have recently had a baby so was on clexane jabs. I've been back on warfarin since may but I have not yet got back into my range of 2.5 - 3.5 (target 3), my INR is currently 2.2 a drop from 2.4 2 weeks ago. The warfarin clinic at my hospital seem to be reluctant to increase my warfarin past 12 mg per day as I've never been on more than that. Is it possible to build up a resistance to this drug. And has anyone else been through similar? Thanks kate xxx

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Hi Kate

The clinic should understand that it is not how much Warfarin you take that matters but what your INR is. Some people need tiny amounts of Warfarin to achieve their target INR, while others need huge amounts and all doses in between. I assume that a major event like having a baby will affect how your body metabolises Warfarin, in a similar way to how heart surgery affected mine.

Best wishes.

Dave xx



I had the same when I had my baby 2,5 years ago. I think it took more than a year to stabilize... And I had to take more warfarin for a while.


I was once told by a specialist anti population nurse that she had a patient on 250mg of warfarin a day. She was emphasizing Dave s earlier point its the INR. that counts. Do you have a specialist who could write and advise them. ? It is important to get back to a therapeutic INR . All the best Ann


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