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Does anyone know the significance of raised Anti Nuclear Antibodies? (ANA)

Have seen Prof. D'Cruz and despite having raised anticardiolipin antibodies 15 years ago following recurrent miscarriage, levels are now negative, although ANA are raised. Prof thinks my diagnosis of MS is definate as my 2nd MRI was improved and thats not commomplace in APS.

However, my MS nurse states that raised ANA is not a feature of MS??

Don't know where to turn.

Can anyone offer any advice please?

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Hi Mitzy

Sorry that you are having these confusing results.

I think that you need to email Prof D'Cruz and ask him to clarify things for you.

Best wishes.

Dave xx


Anti nuclear antibodies can be present for a number of conditions including APS but also can be present with infection.

Here is a link that explains them but as Dave says you must talk to the Prof and ask him to explain your results to you in more detail so you can have your mind put at rest.


ANA markers are linked to lupus and not APS, but you really need to clarify with David D'Cruz as to why they were mentioned.


Sorry Kate but I based my answer on this study so assumed it was linked to APS. Not being medically qualified I just pulled up the study and made a judgement.


I also found this study which may be of some help. Again I cant totally interpret the findings as being appropriate to you but thought it might make interesting reading.


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