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APS and Troublesome Symptoms

Does anyone know why some people have less symptoms than others? It seems as though some people have tons of symptoms like I do (neuropathy, joint pain, headaches, brain fog, Raynaud's) while others experience far less debilitating symptoms. Does it have to do with coagulation? Are the more symptomatic people more likely to have secondary APS? Is primary less serious than secondary?

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I was told by a doctor the more symptoms you have the more autoimmune diseases you have. Some are single disease like Primary APS most have more than one autoimmune disorder. The more secondaries the more symptoms. On a side note I read an interesting article on environment contributing. Cold and damp not as good as warm and dry for our disease.


You need to check for other overlapping disorders such as thyroid and sjogrnes, and in my case also lupus and psoriatic arthropathy,,we are all different and some of us do very well on Plaquenil for pain and fatigue, not myself unfortunately - however good for my teenage daughter! Mary F x


Hi Mary can you tell me about your psoriatic arthropathy,i have APS ,sjrogens lupus and raynauds whats another one


We are all different but being health concious might make a difference.

Some people eat fast food and sit in front of the TV all day and others have had and still lead a more active healthy lifestyle. They also scour the internet to find out what improves things and what makes them worse.

My money is on proactive health concious sufferers having, on average, less severe and fewer symptoms than inactive sedentary sufferers.

However genetics probably plays a part.

For-instance I do not eat wheat or drink milk or eat other dairy (apart from camembert which is very stinky and nice but has no bad effect on me)

I don't drink alcohol, or coffee and I eat healthy meals.

I avoid caffeine. I don't eat sweets or much chocolate.

I eat very little green vegetables.

I have researched every supplement known to man and have found some very beneficial.

I have also met other people who do nothing and rely on the docs finding a cureall "Magic Pill"

My symptoms have worsened as I age. This is to be expected.

Also the older we are the more time we have to accumulate symptoms.

Most of my symptoms can be shown to be caused by my thick sticky blood.

I don't believe each symptom is a separate auto-imune disease.


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