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Warfarin v heparin

I had a three month trial of heparin in 2008 and from what I can recall felt good. Then I went onto warfarin but this coincided with the first of four shoulder operations. Since then I have been diagnosed with fibro which adds to the brain fog and don 't know how effective warfarin is. have discussed with my GP ( excellent one) about trying a heparin trial again. He said it would need to be done via a consultant. Saw a local guy who diagnosed my fibro last year so he has referred me back to see him. Although it would be helpful to know if there any APS consultants near me.

I've had heparin whilst recovering from surgery - a few weeks each time because I suffered a bleed from the first op. that wasn't the time to judge whether it was better than warfarin. Trouble is that I didn't enjoy injecting myself and was glad when time came to stop. So bit of a dilemma. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Hi Panda

Where abouts are you? You can set your location on your profile and then we can direct you to a consultant near you, hopefully.

I was on Warfarin for 10 years but then I satrted to feel rough again, almost as if it was not working, even though my INR was in range.

Prof Hughes suggested that I went back on Fragmin and I have felt much better ever since; just over a year now. Clearer head, less 'funny turns', less dizziness.

Injecting is a pain (literally sometimes) but the up side is no INR testing (I used to self test), no problems with eating and drinking, so I feel it is a better option, for me, all round.

Best wishes.



I couldnt get a stable INR on warfrin and as i was given heprin everytime my inr fell below 2.5 it was decided i should just stay on the heperin permanantly. I dont find the injecting too troublesome except for sometimes developing small cysts at the injection site but cant say either have particularly made me feel any better


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