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LAS-is it hughes syndrome?

Hi, ive seen this question being asked on here before but with no definitive answers.

I suffered two minor strokes feb 2012 due to 3 fairly large blood clots on the brain. I was extemely lucky as i did not suffer loss of movement or speech, longterm suffer with poor short term memory and getting words out.

In october of the same year i was diagnosed with LAS and put on blood thinners (warfarin) for life. All that was said was i needed to stay in range and was given heparin injections to be taken if my inr fell below 2. I asked the registrar if there were any support groups and she said no.

In recent months, due to work and family stress, i have felt increasingly unwell, heavy head,short tempered, emotional, headaches and joint pain (ive always had a bit of joint pain). I was admitted to a&e and they did a series of physical stroke tests, was told i was fine and sent me home. I feel at a loss and would really like to know if LAS is hughes syndrome? As it does say on the hughes website LAS and other names are used by clinicians instead of hughes syndrome? Many thanks


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Hi - sorry for being ignorant but could you explain what the letters LAS stand for as I could not find anything. It sounds very much like Hughes from what you describe but I'd like to hear what you say before I comment further. Thanks.


Sorry for not explaining Lupus anticoagulant syndrome.


Oh! Of course silly me! Yes that is another name for Hughes Syndrome and your symptoms are consistent with it too. With Hughes it is recommended that INR is higher but you don't say what range yours is. It may be that you need a slightly higher range. Also some people still don't do well despite higher ranges and do better on LMWHeparin they work slightly differently and for some it just works better.

I would think about finding an APS specialist who can tailor your symptoms to your meds more. The HSF website has a list of Doctors that have shown themselves to be very helpful. X


Hi there, it sounds like it... and also you may need to look at the other conditions which often go along with Hughes Syndrome, which are Sjogrens Syndrome and also Thyroid issues... often comes as a trio. I hope your care can be fine tuned a little, as it is possible to feel better than this in the hands of the right medical professional or team. Mary Fx


Yes, it's the same thing. The LA test looks for antiphospholipid antibodies - please read here to learn more about it:


Thanks to all for your answers i will contact my consultant who is listed on the hughes website. Thanks again


Hi hon,

Yes it is, I too am lupus anticoagulant positive, I have Hughes syndrome/APS a lot of names for the same illness, one day the medical profession will all be reading off the same page, if we keep pushing!!

I hope you feeling ok today.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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