Edema of the Legs

I'm curious if anyone can give me any information about edema of the legs? For the last several weeks my legs have be swollen and heavy feeling (similar to when I had my first blood clot). I've been trying to control my sodium and have been elevating my legs as much as possible. I elevate them mostly at night and it seems to help but by mid day the swelling is back. I haven't had the pain that I originally had during my first blood clot but my right hip has been extremely painful to move for several weeks (rotating it in an outward position). Does anyone have any suggestions to reduce the swelling? I am going to my rheumy in a few weeks but I want to try to resolve this by then. :(

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  • Hi there, that needs checking over, can you see your consultant or ring the secretary for an emergency appointment, or your GP.. they may have a suggestion, and they need to check you over. I would not wait a few weeks for this! Mary F x

  • Totally agree. It can be caused by poorly kidneys. Seek advice. Do not leave it.

  • Trust me to make a typo on the most important word

    It CAN be due to poorly kidneys. Please get yourself seen.

  • I have just corrected that for you. Mary F x

  • And while you wait to get that urgent appointment try something like support socks or stockings which can help with the swelling and circulation.

  • Elevation is crucial. You need to elevate both your legs so that your feet are raised higher than your heart. Certainly in bed but as much as possible for the rest of the day too. Difficult, I know but once you form the habit, you'll discover what works for you.

    Your GP may prescribe a diuretic that will reduce the fluid in your legs and so reduce your edema. This alone is worth a trip to your GP and I bet they tell you to elevate more than you currently do. GP now.

  • Agree with all above, my GP gives me Ferosemide, a diuretic which I have been on since DVT in my leg. Sadly the warm weather exacerbates the swellimg caused by damage to the valves in the vein when the clot occurred. Unfortunately GP says that's it for me now, I'll be on diuretic for ever as they cannot fix the damage. Elevation is crucial and I am seeking some stockings to help.

    With a diuretic, be prepared for SEVERAL trips to the loo!!!

  • and also the heart can protest.. by showing this as a symptom, please let us know that you had a check up. Mary F x

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