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Hi, new here!

Hi, I'm new to this forum and I came across it doing research for my best friend. Their partner has AIDS and they just found out, only by accident. Their partner didn't tell them. I'm trying to help them through this and we know testing has to be done asap. Its very sad and the infected partner hasn't and isn't getting any treatment. I don't know why.. I'm just concerned for my friend. So, I'm looking to learn anything I can to help but mainly I'm just being there for emotional support. Thanks.

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Search for the correct support i.e Blue Sky Trust, THT etc Not the SPAM that has just replied to you.

Good luck


The person infected really does need to get into care asap! Call your nearest GUM clinic and explain the situation, they will get your friends partner in quickly and under treatment which will improve their health greatly....... without treatment the prognosis is not so good


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