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I'm New Here

Hello Everybody,

I am new here and recently picked up my "passenger" (December 2015) and diagnosed March 2016.... started meds April, it has certainly been a roller coaster of emotions.

Crazy thing is I was and am aware of the risks involved of infection, having lost somebody close to advanced Hiv in 2002. Yet here I find myself after making a silly mistake, (reckless even given my knowledge)

It would be good to talk and receive/offer words of encouragement in this journey ahead

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It's not a death sentence anymore. There's medicine out there that increase life span. I was born with it and at a time where the antiretrovirals just came out so I'm one of the many babies that were tested on and weren't sure we were going to make it. I know it sucks hearing it and it will take time for you to process but take it day by day... Start medicine as soon as you can and try to live a healthy lifestyle 😊. I know it will get hard sometimes but you will get through it❤️


Thanks, yes I know with care we can lead a more or less "normal" life. I started meds in April as I wanted to hit it hard and early and am doing ok, the emotional side is the hardest to deal with

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I understand. I found out by almost dying from pneumonia. dealing with it emotionally is tough at times. But we all have to do it and can talk and support each other. Hit me up anytime you need to talk.


Message me any time buddy X

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Thanks Chris :-)


Dear Sparky39,, I hope you are fine and doing well. I believe we all have to go through this until it will become a routine. its defo difficult at the beginning. You advice is to keep strong and focused. Dont stay alone and always come in here and chat with us.

I was diagnosed in June 15. it was shocking news and it took me at least 9 months to wake up from this nightmare. CD4 was shocking, VL was huge. was referred to mental health....etc but all these are now behind.

We cannot deny the fact the virus itself is one of these that everyone hates and scary but thanks be to god there are medications that could manage it if drugs are taken on-time / follow ups with Dr.

As the fellow guys said, reach out to us / me at anytime. we could talk. we should defo support each other and build good friendships :) I ahve met wonderful guys in here who really have helped me to overcome this a bit. life has to continue

Keep positive , optimistic and everything will be grand.

Take care .X


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