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Stomach problems

Hi guys it's been a while since I've been on here and last time I said I had problems with my stomach by weight gaining and bad pains and I thought it was my meds so I changed them but it wasn't anything to do with my meds

I'm 99% certain it's a stomach ulcer so my doctor put me on a course of ranitadine and I'm back to normal hurry !!! I can eat what I want again !!

I'm getting on with my life more now than before and concentrating on my restaurant business which is doing very well

I do have a question to ask if anyone can help if someone knows my health problem and decides to tell anyone they please can I take them to court ? As I had a so called friend who turned against me for no reason and I feel they might try to destroy my business by disclosing my hiv status

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Hi Mal,

I am glad you found the root of your problem regarding your weight, I really didn't think it was treatment related.

As for your second point I have taken some advice and it all hangs on how your "friend" found out about your status. If you told them then there is little you can do. If they found out through invading your privacy e.g. reading your personal emails or medical record, then you could make a case against them. It is however worth pointing out that court actions are normally public affairs.

I could look into this further if you wish but I think we would just be discussing nuance. I could also give you a couple of contacts or web sites if you would like to look into it. yourself.

I would just like to end by wishing you all the very best with you new business.

As always,

Kind Regards,


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Glad to hear you stomach problems are sorted.

What a shame about your "friend". I have had not dis similar problems in the past. I would recommend you do your best to ignore them, if they try to sabotage your business let the quality of your work get the better of their meddling and try not to take it personally. Some people are small minded and you can't win that battle.

Good luck.

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