Being out there

Being out there

Hi guys, well since I have been diagnosed it's been a rollercoaster but like I presume everyone has been too.. the first thing I did was turning my life around and change my routines , my job and home. So I working in a big corporate company getting really busy and started meeting new people and moved from living alone to live with my best mate.. that was my best way to cope.. getting busy and having a busy environment. I felt energised by it and loved it but came the time where and when I had to face the truth, I was HIV positive and it wouldn't go away by getting busy. So when I started to finally face it it was hard cause it was constantly there in the back of my head. Anything I'd want to do, relationship, buying a flat, holidays.. anything would remind me I was with HIV.. I have been positive for about 6 years now today I found out and my world was not the same anymore. It's gone much easier, after being medicated too... Now I'd love to meet the man of my life and make memories and share dear moments

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  • I know what you mean, it Is always there but I keep thinking of the many people who are worse off than us with other medical conditions, also the poor men of the 80s. Stay happy and healthy and go and find that man!!! Xx

  • To be honest , with the correct medication and adherence HIV shouldn't impact on anyone's life .

    You are good looking and young , enjoy it , and you are going to be just fine !

  • Hi Griffon, thanks and you're right it shouldnt impact but there is a stigma that is hard to get away from.

  • The answer to that is to simply not tell anyone that you have the condition . I haven't , and I never think about it .

  • definitely is still a fair amount of stigma. Guess there are no hard and fast rules for telling people. I felt the need to tell some family and friends but there are some people I let know who I would have probably been wiser not to. appropriate boundaries are good I think. You are handsome btw :)

  • Omg you are so beautiful , gorgeous man so mature on your life , we're are you from ?

  • Hi Ezyboy, thanks for the message, i live in essex. you?

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