2 months on Meds and Undetectable!

That's right! Just got the good news! After being on Truvada and Tivicay for 1 month my VL was down from 18,000 to 40 then after another month it was Undetectable!  I've been happy to have no side effects and getting all meds free with the Gilead and ViiV co-pay cards!

Also soon after my diagnosis (4 months ago) I met a really great guy who was ok with everything and we've been dating for about 4 months now :). Strange how the diagnosis put things in perspective and have gotten better.

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  • That's great news!! Sounds like a Disney story?? Maybe you could sell it to em? X

  • It's going to be better day by day :) That's great you have the right guy by your side :)

  • That is awesome.  I have been on meds for 5 years and have been undetectable since as well.

  • Great!👍  Nice to hear it. Good luck, guys! Take care of each other :) I hope to have the one by myself soon lol I think it's time to be happy in love finally :D Who wanna be my first boyfriend?😈😁😁😁

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