Looking for a friend in London

Hi guys, hope you all having a great day. I have been diagnosed over 2 years ago. Not many people know about my status and going to keep it that way. Maybe one day I will change my mind, just very difficult because of the stigma around. I have to say , I became much stronger person After my diagnosis and I value things more then before. I never used to take things for granted.. But it is different. You never believe this can happen to you !!

I would like to make a friends in London who are in same position. Maybe we can meet up for coffee and have a chat or so. I am 34 years old.

Keep smiling and keep positive guys... I always say, it could be worse... X

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  • Hi Andilek,

    Sounds very similar to my past; only a few very good friends knows all about me. And I faced to often stigma whether on work or in private. Years I kept it as my secret, traveled miles and miles to visit doctor far away, to make sure nobody will know me.

    Sounds you founded a good way and strategy.

    I am new to London, maybe there are some more guys to meet up here;-)


  • Hi mate, hope you well, I have had reactions with people who I thought had my best interests at heart but turned out not too be so, Friendship is a two way street and people who genuinely love and care for you will gladly walk with you, This is what I found to be true anyway, BTW if you are looking for a friend you have found one, My name is George originally from Southern Ireland been in London for over 7 years, If you ever want to talk reply back, Take care, George:)

  • hey nunki! how are you? that's a good take home message there. i completely agree.

  • why don't we organise a meeting where we can meet and introduce ourselves and maybe go out for drinks after?

  • Hi dvvb, how are you? Thank you for your reply, My name is George BTW, Yes of course I would be up for meeting you and getting to know you and likewise you finding out about me, Anyway let me know when you fancy meeting up, Take care, George.

  • hey andilek1981! how are you?

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