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Hi guys, hope everything is going great with u.. I have been diagnosed couple of years ago. I never expected that this could ever happen to me ... but I accepted myself. I am undetectable, healthy on medication. I am very discreet about my status as I feel the stigma is still huge around. It is sad, but life goes on. I live in London and would like to meet other positive guys . If you are looking for a friend please get in touch . I am 35 years old , from Eastern Europe.

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  • Hey how are you. I'm Newley diagnosed also on medication not really told anyone either. I'm 36 looking for mates as well in London a bit. Send me a message if you fancy chatting more

  • Hi there , thank you for a message. How you feeling about your diagnosis?? How are you ???


  • Hey i am ok getting there in healthy which is good an never been ill. Message me if you wZnt my number is 07795 184 179

  • Hello there, how are you feeling? How is been since you were told about it. I was diagnosed last year in May and I was undetectable few months later. Was a very difficult time for me but now phisicaly I'm feeling better.

    Hope for you it's easy to adapt. I guess is like everything we get use to it and people are more open and more educated about the subject.

    Best wishes!!

  • Hi There , thank you for your message. I am good thank you . It's been 2 years for me . At the beginning was a rocky journey , but acceptance is a big thing. I am undetectable that's what matters.

    Were you Sick when you were diagnosed ?? How old are you ???

    I wish you all the best too ..

  • Hello there,

    Thanks for your message, no I was never sick, furtenately I always been a healthy person and probably my immune system copped well in a way. I only felt bad during the Atripla medication.

    But because of the side effects I kind of had a hard time at work and end up loosing my job. I didn't want to tell them why of my poor performance as they also where the kind of people I could trust.

    Only one dear friend knows about me but most of my friends and family have been there for me without knowing.

    I'm looking for a job at the moment at I think from now on it will be like the old days as I feel like I did before.

    The only difference I'm older now and it will take more of me to get back to where I was 2 or 3 years a go.

    Where do you live?


  • hey. hope you're well. i was in a similar situation few months ago. it's been a year since i was diagnosed (25 february) and i can tell you this: it will be better in time. the medication will become routine. you will still be you, this time with an added pill or two. :)

  • Hi there , how are u?? Thank u for your message . Where do u come from ??

  • hey. i'm great, thanks. and you're welcome. i'm new here, i've been reading posts and replying to some of them. sometimes it is comforting to know that we are not alone in our situation. :)

  • Do you live in London?? How old are you ??

  • yes i live in london. i'm 31.

  • "looking for a friend"? ha. you pathetic, sick son of a gun. I hope you die in your sleep

  • yes lol

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