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Looking for a friend

Hi guys, hope everything is going great with u.. I have been diagnosed couple of years ago. I never expected that this could ever happen to me ... but I accepted myself. I am undetectable, healthy on medication. I am very discreet about my status as I feel the stigma is still huge around. It is sad, but life goes on. I live in London and would like to meet other positive guys . If you are looking for a friend please get in touch . I am 35 years old , from Eastern Europe.

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Hey how are you. I'm Newley diagnosed also on medication not really told anyone either. I'm 36 looking for mates as well in London a bit. Send me a message if you fancy chatting more


Hi there , thank you for a message. How you feeling about your diagnosis?? How are you ???



Hey i am ok getting there in healthy which is good an never been ill. Message me if you wZnt my number is 07795 184 179


Hello there, how are you feeling? How is been since you were told about it. I was diagnosed last year in May and I was undetectable few months later. Was a very difficult time for me but now phisicaly I'm feeling better.

Hope for you it's easy to adapt. I guess is like everything we get use to it and people are more open and more educated about the subject.

Best wishes!!


Hi There , thank you for your message. I am good thank you . It's been 2 years for me . At the beginning was a rocky journey , but acceptance is a big thing. I am undetectable that's what matters.

Were you Sick when you were diagnosed ?? How old are you ???

I wish you all the best too ..


Hello there,

Thanks for your message, no I was never sick, furtenately I always been a healthy person and probably my immune system copped well in a way. I only felt bad during the Atripla medication.

But because of the side effects I kind of had a hard time at work and end up loosing my job. I didn't want to tell them why of my poor performance as they also where the kind of people I could trust.

Only one dear friend knows about me but most of my friends and family have been there for me without knowing.

I'm looking for a job at the moment at I think from now on it will be like the old days as I feel like I did before.

The only difference I'm older now and it will take more of me to get back to where I was 2 or 3 years a go.

Where do you live?



hey. hope you're well. i was in a similar situation few months ago. it's been a year since i was diagnosed (25 february) and i can tell you this: it will be better in time. the medication will become routine. you will still be you, this time with an added pill or two. :)


Hi there , how are u?? Thank u for your message . Where do u come from ??


hey. i'm great, thanks. and you're welcome. i'm new here, i've been reading posts and replying to some of them. sometimes it is comforting to know that we are not alone in our situation. :)


Do you live in London?? How old are you ??


yes i live in london. i'm 31.


"looking for a friend"? ha. you pathetic, sick son of a gun. I hope you die in your sleep


yes lol


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