Hi Guys,

So this is my first post after signing up today. I'm very recently diagnosed, 2/3 weeks, and i don't really have much support around me. Yes i have friends but not anyone who is going through what i'm going through. Its hard as i feel shut off and isolated from the rest of the world.

I suffer with severe anxiety and depression which over the years has slowly started to get better, but after recent news i have started to slip back down hill. So ideally would love to have some friends to chat with who can give me some advice and just some support,

take care

S x

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  • Dealing with the diagnosis is difficult but you can live a full and normal life as long as you look after yourself. Take each day at a time and things are never as bad as you think. Be careful who you tell as remember everyone usually tells another. Feel free to message me anytime

  • Thank you for your response, hope you are well! Yes i have been very selective as to who i have told mainly immediate family and a few very close friends. Sofar everyone has been very understanding but i realise not to expect that from everyone xx

  • Be careful who you tell! You can't un-tell them after. The only people who should know are those who you are going to have unprotected sex with - no one else needs to know. I'm fully out but I wish I'd known then what I know now lol

  • hey. i know exactly how you feel. i myself was diagnosed february a year ago. don't have anyone to talk to who knows what i'm going through. i'm happy to talk, drop me a message. :)

  • Morning

    keep us hear with you. We'll try to listen and be with you.

    what things you been thinking about?

    d xxx

  • Ive been thinking about a lot but i suppose my biggest fear is if i will ever be loved again!!

  • Hi, I know this fear! I thought nobody will love me again. Got a deep depression and didn't go out anymore.

    But then I found a lovely guy last year, and he is negative and loving me. Now we are staying together and we love each other more and more.

    Don't loose your hope! Just keep yourself open minded and then you'll find love.

  • Hey glad to hear you managed to get past that and are happy now. Hopefully one day i will get to that point myself x

  • Sure you will als long as you believe in.

    If somebody is loving you hiv is not important anymore,

    Good luck and don't be shy

  • Hello there,

    Effectively is hard to find and yes there is a period of adjustment for everyone who gets diagnosed with HIV.

    I signed here but haven't really told my story.

    I was diagnosed last May and decided to take the medication ASAP, I have always been very healthy and very rarely took medicines, even for a cold.

    The doctor prescribed Atripla which is a very powerful medication that made my load count very low very quickly. At the same time I was going trough changes with work.

    I got a new job almost at the same time I started taking Atripla, the side effects were horrendous, horrible dreams, every morning feeling like hangover and during the day with no strength and low concentration. I end up loosing my job.

    I change medication and things got better, I'm now undetectable and about to start a new job.

    I think all is a process and we adapt, some people faster than others.

    If you need to talk or anything you can contact me here.

    Things only get better!!


  • Just be calm down and dont be panic .....you will be ok our friend ....you can meet many good friends here too , to share yourself to them and to get more knowledge ....

  • Greetings everyone, my heart goes out to you it can be a lonely road when you do not have anyone to talk to. I made the decision to tell my manager first because luckily I work in a company that has a prophecy of no discrimination. He is a British guy who didn't know how to respond really but telling him was the best thing. He was understanding when I went through my ups and downs health-wise hence I have kept my job up to now. I have changed departments and had to disclose to my current manager and closest colleagues and I find that it really works for me because people around me have been really understanding. I am not suggesting that what works for me will work for you but it helps a great deal. I got diagnosed in 2010 and have been in the same job since 1996.

    The only challenge I have experience is in dating. Chin up and tell yourself this is just a virus and cannot control your entire life.

  • Thank you your words mean a lot xx

  • wow. the first person i told was my manager and she was very very supportive and we have become very good friends. i've only told 3 people so far. i got diagnosed just a year ago last 25 february. so still fresh.

  • Yeah i have good days and bad days been more good that bad lately though so not all bad xx

  • Hey Sammy, sending you a MASSIVE ((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))

    I'm here for chats and hugs.

    Yvette xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Yvette means alot xxx

  • your welcome mate. your not alone. x

  • I also live in kent maybe sometime we could meet for coffee?? x

  • I would like that very much Sammy. PM me. x

  • Loads of support here buddy. You'll be fine, we are! Chris

  • I am here to chat/moan to or even cry to if you want.

  • Thank you David xx

  • I am also recently diagnosed last October. I will take time to adjust. Having a group to talk to will help. Once you get on the meds it will help a great deal. I am here if you need to talk. There is quite a time difference between us but I will be glad to listen.

  • Thank you really appreciate it :) xx

  • Hey Ron here. Plenty of support out there. Wher do you live? I work with GMHC and other support groups. You are not alone and will be ok.

  • I am here for you if you need to talk I love to make new friends. I to suffer from severe anxiety. I have been poz for 10 years now.

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